1. Lockdown Acting Intensive (Online) – Get locked down with The Master of The Method and his loyal band of Grasshoppers. This is a live stream course delivered via Zoom where The Master reveals tools and techniques used within his ‘one-of-a-kind’ acting technique – Timoney Method®. This is your first step towards powerful artistic acting!

2. Étude Mini (Online) – It may be small but it’s mighty. This small class of four focuses on perfecting unconscious acting through the use of études (bespoke short scripts). *You must have completed the Lockdown Acting Intensive.

3. Étude Xpress (In-person) – If you want to slip seamlessly into the mind of the character and transform, then this five day intensive could be for you. This course is limited to ten people, and there is an application and interview process. Only those who are dedicated and committed need apply. *You must have completed the Lockdown Acting Intensive.

4. Ultimate Acting Programme (In-person) – This is the big one. It’s a part-time, one-year course providing a comprehensive Timoney Method® actor training and career launch. There is an application and audition process to find the twelve lucky souls who will spend a year, in-person, with The Master. It’s not called The Ultimate Acting Programme for nothing! *You must have completed the Lockdown Acting Intensive and Étude Xpress.