If You Want To Get Into The Acting Industry, Generate Acting Work, Secure An Agent And Develop Your Own Acting Brand The You Will Need My…

“It seems to me that the vast majority of so-called lucky acting breaks happen because the actor has dedicated themselves not just to the art of acting, but to the business of acting too.”

Brian Timoney leaves no stone unturned within the business of acting.
Brian Timoney leaves no stone unturned within the business of acting.

Dear Friend,

I’ve spent over 30 years in the acting industry, and I would love to tell you that becoming a successful actor is all about how good an actor you are, but you only have to look at Arnold Schwarzenegger to know that’s not true.

I have nothing against Arnold, in fact; I respect him. He came from a small town in Austria, and despite not being able to speak a word of English or, indeed, having an ounce of acting talent, he became…

One Of The Highest-Paid

Hollywood Actors, EVER!

How did that happen?

Like I say, it wasn’t because of how good an actor he was; it was mainly because of his business acumen.

Now, I’m not advocating that you aim to be a mediocre actor but brilliant at the business. If you know my work, you will know that is most definitely not true. What I am suggesting is that you become artistically brilliant at acting AND the biz-niz of acting.

Let me be frank. I have seen many a talented actor grow hangry and depressed because they had about as much business know-how as my old aunt Cathy. (Lovely woman, Cathy, but knew nothing about business).

Over the last thirty years, I have developed and honed my own system for how actors should approach the acting business, and it’s not your run of the mill approach. It’s highly effective and has got plenty of work for many actors.

In this course, I take you from the very beginnings of what you should be considering as an aspiring actor, right through to what you should do if you are knee-deep in the swamp of the pro-business…and need a swamp speed boat to get you the hell out of there.

Here is some of what I will be covering in The Art of Business:

  • How to go from a deadly dull 9 to 5 job that is killing your soul to becoming a professional actor
  • Why so many aspiring actors fail before they even begin and how to avoid it
  • What you need to start up as an actor from scratch
  • How to become one of the 8% of successful working actors and avoid being one of the 92% that struggle
  • How to uncover the single most important driver when it comes to taking the correct action required to succeed
  • Why doing the same thing as the majority of actors will lead you to mediocrity
  • How to understand the business structure within the industry
  • How to start your small business – ‘You’ Ltd
  • How to identify your acting ‘type’
  • The language of the industry that every professional actor needs to know
  • Understanding the role of agents, producers, directors, managers
  • Two essential strategies to develop your reputation and gain ongoing work
  • Example contact plans to casting directors, agents and directors
  • How to identify up-and-coming projects suited to you
  • How and what to put in an Acting CV
  • The secret used by Ricky Gervais, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to get industry attention
  • The four golden rules of business of acting success
  • The classic behaviours and actions that reveal you as an amateur to the industry
  • Casting sites – should you use them? Which ones should you use?
  • How to contact a casting director, what to say and how to say it
  • Why you need a showreel. What you must include – and what you must never include
  • What to say to an agent if you are looking for representation
  • How to get an agent and what an agent is looking for
  • Agent’s fees and contracts – what to expect
  • Can you get work without an agent?
  • Do you need to train? How long for? Do you need a qualification?
  • Are you too old?  Do you need a certain body type or image to be an actor?
  • Do you need headshots? Where from? How much? What type of photos should you ask for?
  • The key to getting great headshots (clue: it’s all about what you’re thinking)
  • The audition process – how to get auditions, what to expect in the room, how to act well on the day and what to expect afterwards
  • What to say at an audition interview and what never to say!
  • The simple secret key to doing well in an audition which is often overlooked
  • Why your contact details are so important
  • Why you should avoid ‘walk-on/extra’ work if you’re serious about acting
  • Should you do commercials?
  • Can you just be a film actor?
  • Can you just be a theatre actor?
  • The fees actors get for different types of acting roles
  • Should I have a website? What should be on it?
  • Why self-tapes are crucial to your success nowadays
  • How to shoot professional self-tapes on a tight budget – and what to shoot

Now, just to clarify…

Who This Is For?

This is for those looking to develop a deeper understanding of how the business works and how to navigate it. I will be starting at the very beginning, i.e. how to get into acting school right through to advanced contact plans once you are in the pro-business.

If you are likely to get heartburn because you are already a pro actor and don’t want to hear about the early stages, then please don’t buy this. I am catering for those in early stages and later stages, and I don’t have the time nor inclination to deal with Drama Queens (or Kings) who get mortally offended by discussing something they may already know. Trust me, there will be things you won’t know, but you need the patience to go through it all.

Conversely, this is also not for aspiring actors who don’t want to hear what happens once you are knee-deep in the pro-industry. If that doesn’t interest you, then this is not for you.

If you are serious about succeeding as a pro actor, you need to be interested in all aspects of acting, including the business parts that are beyond your knowledge at the moment.

Now for the nitty-gritty on…

How It Works

Once you purchase The Art of Business, you will be given instant access to a members area with three one-hour videos. These videos were recorded when I delivered the content to a group live online last year. I am now making those recordings available to you for the ridiculous fee of £97. To be frank, it’s completely under-priced as the content on the course far exceeds the fee.

I’ve often heard people say that becoming a successful actor is all down to luck. I understand why they might say that; there are plenty of cases you can point to, but in my experience of being at the acting industry’s coal face, it appears the harder the actor works on the art of business, the luckier they become.

As Denzel Washington once said:

"I Say Luck Is When An Opportunity

Comes Along And You're Prepared For It."

It’s time to prepare.