Brian Timoney’s – Method Acting Manual

I have collected together some of my finest Method Acting materials together and created a Method Acting Manual that will provide you with clear instructions, exercises and techniques guaranteed to impact your acting ability at a deep level.

Here is what is included in the manual.

This exclusive manual has the following crammed into its 109 A4 pages:

  • A success indicator track to allow you to measure and detail your practice activities and the impact on your ability on a week to week basis.
  • Exercises on how to produce emotion on cue.
  • The progression of sense/emotional memory exercises to build sensitivity and concentration.
  • The 7 areas of investigation to apply to your scene work.
  • Connection exercises to allow you to build a strong connection with your scene partners.
  • 45 in-depth questions to answer to help build your characters history.
  • The 7 year rule.
  • How to build intricate and in-depth characters.
  • My own personal concepts and observations on acting.
  • The secret to creating exceptional talent…it’s learnable
  • Film and TV angles you need to know
  • Stage craft technique, including the 9 points of a stage and angles
  • Recommended reading list
  • Recommended plays and monologues
  • The 3 As that get mistaken for talent but take no talent to do.
  • Voice and movement skills you need to know.
  • Knowing how your habits affect your acting.
  • Understanding why taking direction is crucial.
  • How to overcome nerves using the Method relaxation technique
  • The ‘where am I right now?’ technique
  • The 6 parts of a play

…and much more