Dear Friend,

I am launching a brand-new live and online course dedicated to the subject of character creation.

Over two weeks, I will focus on how you can mentally, physically and vocally transform into a character from scratch.

Here is what you will learn:

  • How to use the state of “I am” to peel back the layers of a character’s psychology.
  • How to use your dreams to discover the character.
  • Thirty-five character creation questions to use on every character you create.
  • How to ‘give in’ to the given circumstances to develop the correct character behaviour.
  • The real reasons why people behave the way they do.
  • How to repeat scenes but keep them alive and organic.
  • An approach to creating the inner monologue of the character.
  • How to use costume and props to develop a character.
  • How to find the voice of the character.
  • The correct way to structure a character diary.
  • Why the script is like a piece of music and how to play it effectively.
  • How to use images to fuel the subconscious.
  • The importance of psychological justification when playing a role.
  • Unusual sources of character inspiration.
  • How to break down the text and identify changes in rhythm and flow.
  • Identify the areas that a character physically leads from.
  • What a super-objective is and how to make it work for you within the characterisation.
  • Understanding dramatic structure when approaching scenes and monologues.
  • Daily exercises to instil the character creation process.
  • How to use improvisation to develop character.

Self-Created Character Challenge

In week one, I will take you through a process to create a new and unique character from your imagination. You will identify their psychology, physicality, the clothes they wear and any objects they use in day-to-day life. Then I will set you a challenge (which is optional) to create a short monologue that you will self-tape and send in for me for critique. I will watch your work and then send you a personal video critique for your eyes only.

Scripted Character Challenge

In week two, you will focus on a character from a play and use the tools and techniques taught to create them. The challenge for this week (which is optional) is to self-tape yourself, performing a monologue by the character, taking into account the clothes they wear, the objects they use and their behaviour. I will watch your work and then send you a personal video critique for your eyes only.

If you are struggling to find a monologue you want to work with, we can provide suggestions.


Zoom Calls And Video Replay – Monday to Thursday during the course there will be a one-hour live call with me. All the video calls will be recorded and made available for replay in the members’ area if you miss the live calls or want to catch up.

Here are the details:

Dates: TBC

Location: Via Zoom.

Time: 11am – 12 pm (All calls are recorded and made available for replay for the duration of the course.)

Fee: £97