Brian Timoney
The Master Of The Method

Brian Timoney is one of the world’s leading acting coaches. Brian has worked in the industry for over 30 years and in every major acting medium conceivable, including TV, Film, Radio and Theatre. He has worked as an actor, director, producer and acting coach and has first-hand experience of every part of the industry, and how to create stand-out performances. He is also the aurthor of – The Ultimate Guide To Method Acting.

Brian has worked with 100s of actors over the years and leading UK film directors Ken Loach and Danny Boyle. Brian appeared on the BBC2 program “Murder Most Famous” teaching TV Actors; Sherrie Hewson (Coronation Street/ Emmerdale) and Angela Griffin (Coronation Street/ Holby City) Method Acting techniques.

Nowadays, Brian regularly appears in the media, being asked for his comments on various acting news, including the Oscars. Brian has been featured in The Metro, The Stage, The Evening Standard, The Sunday Express and MovieScope magazine, on the BBC and Channel 4.

Brian has been specializing in the method acting technique for over 20 years and established the studio in 2006. As well as training at The Academy Drama School, London, he trained with the late David Bennett, who trained with Lee Strasberg (inventor of The Method) at The Actors Studio, New York.

The Brian Timoney Actor’s Studio Team

Brian’s Specialist Team was hand-picked by him, as their skills and knowledge are unsurpassed. They are quite simply the best at what they do – working in the industry right now – their passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge is unrivaled.

If you’d like to find out more about Brian Timoney and his team, why not listen to what some of their past students had to say? You can read many case studies and course reviews here.

What the industry experts say

Watch videoCasting Director (L.A.) – Victoria Burrows

Casting Director (L.A.) – Victoria Burrows

“The Hobbit” “King Kong”
“Castaway” “Flight”

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Watch videoCasting Director – Dan Hubbard

Casting Director – Dan Hubbard

“The Lord of the Rings” “Tomb Raider”
“The Bourne Ultimatum”

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How We Develop Your Talent

A Personal Message From Brian Timoney

Developing your acting talent is our prime focus. We want you to be able to deliver not just good acting, but outstanding acting.

The process of doing this is much more than ‘getting you to say lines and not bump into the furniture!’ It’s about going deeper, and bringing your uniqueness into your work.

The two qualities that are essential for outstanding acting are the ability to generate emotional experiences and the ability to express those experiences without fear.

“My job is usually to express emotion as freely as possible.”
~ Meryl Streep

When we work with you, we take you through a process that allows you to open up emotionally and express yourself fully. This allows your authentic self to be brought into your work.

Outstanding acting is not a case of hiding behind a character; it’s about being so in touch with yourself that you can reveal the life of the character through you.

We understand this process extremely well, and all of our coaches have lived through it themselves. We have a very strong empathy for your development and an unbridled passion for acting. For us, and I expect for you too, it fulfills a deep artistic desire.

As well as being outstanding at the art of acting, we also want you to work. This means that we also teach you the ‘business’ of acting. We believe this combination of acting ability and business know-how is the key to acting success. With the team’s collective 90 years plus experience of the industry and by bringing in industry insiders to teach you first-hand, we arm you with all the tools and techniques you need.

I can assure you that you will not meet a more dedicated and passionate team of acting coaches who are here to serve you. You just need to be ready for the challenge

To your acting success!

Brian Timoney