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“If you answered – yes, then I have good news. I have an obscene amount of free high-quality acting instruction all delivered in the world’s first-ever, method acting app, just waiting for you.”  Brian Timoney, creator of Timoney Method®

Dear Friend,

If you want to get your hands on my free high quality acting instruction to develop your acting ability anytime, anywhere, any place then you will want to download my app now!

Here’s the story.

When the pandemic hit back in 2020 there was a swarm of hungry acting Grasshoppers sitting at home twiddling their thumbs.

That’s when I created my online acting course the Lockdown Acting Intensive which was live each day.

It was the talk of the town and a roaring success.

Over 700 people completed the course including Nigel from Ireland who said, “I cannot put into words the power, impact and value of Brian’s teachings. I learned more in one week in the acting lockdown than I’ve learned in 10 years of traditional drama training.”

Fast forward to the present day and thankfully we are not in lockdowns anymore. Which means you’re not sat at home pretending to work anymore; you actually have to go into work 🙁 and then you will want to blow off some steam socialising. 😊

Does this mean the end of online learning?

No siree Bob, I now have a solution that means you can indulge on a deluge of high-quality acting instruction via my new ground breaking acting app, so you can study anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Here is what you will get in your sweaty little Grasshopper mits if you download the app now:

Brian Timoney’s World of Acting Podcast


Over the years have created a plethora of acting podcasts.

Within the app there are 53 episodes.

Here are the titles:

  • How to do a great acting audition
  • You’ve got the role, now what?
  • The “fast-track” acting delusion
  • Are you too old and ugly to act?
  • How to tape yourself doing an audition and not look like an idiot
  • The technical side of acting
  • Typecasting: A good or bad thing?
  • How to get an agent
  • To train or not to train as an actor?
  • Rules Of The Ultimate Actor
  • Acting Boob Jobs
  • Acting Lessons from Marlon Brando
  • The truth about soap operas
  • Risk taking actors
  • An actor transformation: From hospital bed to bad ass acting ninja
  • How to take direction from a director
  • The best way to learn lines
  • Fame – good or bad?
  • Vulnerability as an acting strength
  • Marketing Yourself as an Actor
  • The art of living truthfully on stage/set
  • How a “place” can impact your acting
  • The tenth date acting rule
  • The loneliness of the long run actor
  • Idris Elba’s acting secret
  • The Actors ego
  • On set acting rules
  • Acting in real life
  • Speaking your own truth
  • What is it to be prepared?
  • Are actors paid too much?
  • Crack Ho Actors
  • 4 Different Kinds Of Actor Personalities
  • Is the Stanislavski System Dead
  • Two Creative Thresholds
  • Rehab For Actors
  • The day Daniel Day-Lewis Retired
  • Learning From Past Masters
  • Physical Impulse
  • Fantastic Realism Rehearsal Process
  • Creating your own Acting Work
  • How to Research Like a Method Actor
  • Full Acting Measure
  • Actor Dual Consciousness
  • Giving into Character
  • Authentic Transformation
  • How To Tell If Your Acting Teacher Is Good Or Bad
  • The transition from 9 to 5 job to pro actor
  • Movie Quotes That Will Improve Your Acting
  • How To Produce A Theatre Show
  • The iPhone Filmmaking Revolution
  • Knowing Your Acting Type
  • More Rules Of The Ultimate Actor

#AskBrianT TV Show


I also recorded a season of #AskBrianT. This consists of 16 acting packed episodes where I answer burning questions sent in by aspiring and pro actors.

Here is what is covered:

  • What should you do if you are just starting out on your acting journey
  • How to deal with pushy acting partners
  • The best way to approach acting showreels
  • How to break into the acting industry
  • The trick to dealing with top directors
  • How to keep your acting fresh
  • The truth about method acting for theatre
  • How to overcome restrictive personal circumstances and become an actor
  • Identifying your acting type
  • The secrets to impressing an audition panel so they never forget you
  • How to get into character and stay there
  • What you should do to create a private moment on stage
  • How voice actors can use method acting
  • The right way to turn down roles
  • The truth about drama school training
  • How to use emotional memory to become emotional on cue
  • The best way to deal with acting jealousy
  • An approach to gaining acting experience without an agent
  • How to start an acting career even if you have bills to pay
  • How to choose the best audition piece for you
  • The way the Hollywood elite create emotion on demand
  • How to approach accents and monologues
  • A way to overcome stage fright and nerves
  • How to deal with your first audition
  • What you should do if you want to build acting confidence
  • The different to use when dealing with theatre and film performance
  • How to secure an acting agent
  • The truth about the American acting industry
  • How to work in soap operas
  • A way to fund your acting career
  • The trick to generating your own acting work
  • How to avoid fake crying
  • Al Pacino’s turning point within his acting development

The Master’s Stream of Unconsciousness


Every week I will update this section with a new exclusive video content.

To kick things off in this section I have these videos waiting for you:

  • The steps required to become a pro actor
  • Why you must learn to forget the lines, not try and remember them
  • Before Bradley Cooper hit the big time, he met Leonardo DiCaprio and it had a profound effect on him. I’ll tell you why.
  • What method acting is and why you should use it?
  • The acting challenges you need to overcome to become a high-quality actor
  • The four personality types that come to acting; find out which one you are?

Method Acting Blog


My method acting blog is also available within the app, so you can keep up to date with my latest posts.


Acting Courses Available For In-App Purchase

All the content I have listed so far is completely free, but I also wanted to make available courses that I have delivered online available for in-app purchase including:


The Lockdown Acting Intensive – An intensive method acting introduction.


The Transcending Actor – How to transcend yourself and enter into creativity.


The Art Of Business – How to navigate the business of acting.

To get your hands on all this just download the app here:

See you inside.

Brian Timoney
The Master Of The Method