Tiller, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Posted on 23 June 2015


This is a true story.
Natalie’s dad knew this guy who went to fight in the Second World War.
When he turned up for his first day they asked what he did for a living.
He said he was a tiller.
Somehow the guy asking the question misheard the reply and thought he said he was a tailor.
So, they put him to work making uniforms and army clothing for the soldiers.
What a mess he made…trousers were at half-mast and shirts had different size sleeves. It was a sight to behold, apparently.
This is what happens when you are not trained to do the job. He was probably a very good tiller, but he knew nothing about being a tailor.
The fact that he didn’t point out the mistake tells me he fancied the job and probably thought he could do it, after all, how hard can it be to make a few trousers and shirts?
This is what I hear a lot from certain aspiring actors.
I ask, ‘Have you ever acted before?’
They say, ‘Of course, I’ve been acting my whole life. I’m a natural born actor’.
No such thing, my friend. It’s a trade like any other. If you have learned the trade, you can do the job; if not, you will make a hash of it.
Which brings me nicely onto you know what – Boot Camp!
Are you finally going to learn the trade or are you going to busk it?