Three Days That Will Inspire And Revolutionize Your Acting Ability

Dear Aspiring Actor, The Boot Camp is an intense three-day immersion in method acting designed for those with little or no acting experience. The main focus is teaching you how to unconsciously enter the mind of the character and ONLY experience their thoughts and express yourself authentically…as them. It’s a lofty aim, but one that I am firmly committed to and believe we can achieve in the three days. The main way we achieve this is through études. Études are scripts specifically written and designed to allow you to develop all the major skills required to act at the highest level. They are a full and comprehensive workout for the actor. The étude work is complemented with other vital method exercises designed to enhance and build the overall capability of your acting instrument. On the Boot Camp you will learn:
  • character creation technique that allows you to enter into the mind of the character
  • How to Green Light your physical impulses, creating spontaneous reactions
  • How to emboss your Soul Print onto the character
  • A technique that allows you to give in to character creation rather than struggling to establish them
  • A process to create complex multi-layered character thoughts
  • How to establish dependable and consistent in the moment acting
  • How to create an alert presence on stage or on set that allows you to see, hear and feel at a heightened level, making authentic response much easier
  • A psychological way of using your breath that allows you to deepen your relationship with people and even inanimate objects
  • A hundred-year-old Russian movement process called Plastiques enabling your mind, body and emotions to flow freely
  • How to use Psychological Mask to create distinct and unique character physicality
  • An immersive Character Creation Box that will allow you to access your unconscious mind and live in the character’s world
  • How to access authentic emotion on demand through two different acting processes
  • A process developed by the legendary creator of modern method acting, Lee Strasberg, to overcome stage fight and nerves
  • A full body Psychological Gesture process that will become a shorthand way of accessing the character at a profound level
  • How changing your clothes can have a profound effect on character transformation
  • The key to overcoming two critical creative thresholds that can destroy your acting
My teaching’s full power happens when I’m in the studio, live, watching students’ every move. I can see their whole body, watch their unconscious impulses and change how they are expressing themselves. Training an actor is not only about getting someone to think differently, it’s also about getting them to express themselves physically. It’s a massive part of training an actor. That next level is me analysing and dissecting your every thought and move, and coaching you to enter into the eyes of the character… in short, to transform. And just wait to see the results.

I Can Only Say “Wow!”

I Can Only Say “Wow!”

“I can’t describe my feeling right now. What a roller coaster – it’s like being in a journey, somewhere completely different. If you’ve done a load of acting courses – this is just…it blows you away. You haven’t done an acting course unless you’ve done this one.I fully recommend it. Just do it! Don’t even think about it – just do it!”

Paul Malhotra

So…What Can You Expect?

ON DAY 1 we start work right away on how to enter the mind of the character. There is a simple process I will take you through that will allow you to quickly enter the characters world without you even realising it. You will be acting in scenes with a high degree of believably by the end of the day.

ON DAY 2 we will explore the Character Creation Box Exercise which will allow you to go deeper into the unconscious world of the character and Psychological Masks designed to unleash characters physicality.

ON DAY 3 we’re getting deep inside the acting process. You’ll be working on scenes, building characters from scratch, creating complex scenes that wring every last drop of truth from the text…and getting critiqued! Learn what you need to work on, to propel your acting forward.

One Word: Believability

That’s our theme for the Boot Camp: making your acting more believable. Bringing you to that point where an audience can forget that you’re acting and lose themselves in your performance.

Believability is the actor’s ultimate challenge, and it lies at the heart of method acting. So we’ll be taking you through exercises that give you emotional truth. Exercises that use your own life, and the senses that activate your memories, to help you connect with a script, a character, at a deep and personal level.

The Most Intense Awakening Of My Life

Wow, the most I have gotten out of three days, EVER! Excuse the cliché but it was probably the most intense awakening of my life and in so many respects. Without a doubt it gave me the deepest insight into what good, real acting is all about… this went way beyond any training I’ve had. Using a whole host of creative methods and sometimes without you even knowing it, Brian and his brilliant team teach you how to really ‘live in the moment’. A transformatory approach to acting training, Brian’s unique approach forces you to understand how to act believably. If this is what I can learn in just three days, I would love to see what can be learnt in a year! Highly recommended to anyone committed and with a passion, you absolutely won’t regret it.

Paul Malhotra

How Will Your Acting Improve?

As with all things in life, you’ll get from it what you put in. As a minimum though, I want you to leave here with a new understanding of method acting and how to apply it.

You will discover how to:

  • Develop in-depth, rounded and fully believable characters
  • Find your character’s unique physicality and movement
  • Use your inner emotions, to play highly charged scenes
  • Act consistently, by summoning emotion on demand
  • Use improvisation to make your scenes exciting and unpredictable
  • Feel connected to your character’s environment
  • Bring the subtext of the script to life and character behaviours
  • Build instant rapport with other actors – a vital skill for film work
  • Overcome anxiety through mental and physical relaxation

…And so much more. It’s a rich experience: personally, and professionally.

“It pushed me to my barriers”


“It changes you as a person”




"A real, unreal experience"


It Begins To Open You Up

The classes bring you so much more than just acting with a structured methodology that allows you to be believable. It begins to open up you and allows you to explore yourself. It can allow you to gain control and then allow you to bring to life the characters you play.

Paul Malhotra

This Is A Small And Exclusive Group Limited To 8

This course is limited to a maximum of eight people to ensure each and every attendee gets the individual attention they need to progress.

How to Apply

The fee for our 3 days together is just £645. You pay the first £100 today when you submit your application – then if you’re successful, the balance of £545 is due within 48 hours. I insist on the £100 application fee, because it tells me you’re serious – not just dabbling, as many do. But don’t worry. If for any reason I can’t offer you a place, the fee will be refunded. You have nothing to lose. Application deadline: Sunday 24th July 2022 at midnight. Boot Camp Date: 29th – 31st July 2022, 10 am to 5 pm each day. Venue: The Old Town Hall, 213 Haverstock Hill, Belsize Park, London NW3 4QP Please note: if your application is successful your £100 assessment fee will be put towards your final balance payment. If your application is unsuccessful then we will refund your assessment fee in full. Also, in the unlikely event that you decide not to continue with your application you have fourteen days from the day after you paid your assessment fee to cancel your application and receive a full refund of all monies paid. If the Boot Camp takes place within this fourteen day period, the cancellation period ends when the Boot Camp starts. You must inform us in writing if you wish to cancel.

Are You In, Or Out?

If you are ready to finally find out if you have what it takes to become a pro method actor and get your hands on the best method acting tools and techniques out there, then it’s time to apply for the Boot Camp.

To Your Acting Success!

Brian Timoney
The Master Of The Method

I’ve just completed Brian Timoney’s Introduction to Method Acting Boot Camp – and, my word, it was literally the best weekend I’ve ever had in my life. So many things to do – it was so intense and we were pushed so hard – but when we got the results, it just felt absolutely incredible. It was life-changing and I just wish it could just go on for ever and ever! And to all of you out there who are watching this, who are on his website, I urge you just to fill in that application form and just go for it because you’re not going to regret it – trust me!

Lauren Willis, London

After several conversations I had with friends (Actors) in the past I’ve heard very good things about Brian Timoney and I thought I would give the classes a try. The whole three days of the course I had with Brian was very professional and the method acting classes have giving me so much within the three days time. I learnt so many techniques and methods regarding the characters, audition techniques and lots more. I am very pleased that I had the classes with Brian and I am willing to attend even more advanced classes in near future.

Shezai Fejzo, Harrow

I would like to take this opportunity to again thank Brian for such an amazing and liberating weekend. Before I did the bootcamp I was seriously considering giving up acting, which I now believe is due to my lack of passion with the techniques I was using. They were beneficial body and voice techniques but deep down I know and definitely agree with Brian that they are just not enough to create great acting. I want people to believe what I am doing/ feeling/ who I am playing and I know if I train with The Method I will get to that place! I feel as if I have found my path again, one that I was steered off years ago by well-meaning tutors. I have heard many a tutor banging on about training and I never felt much enthusiasm for it, but now I most certainly do! I actually believe that I can get somewhere with this training.

I would happily recommend anybody to join Brian’s course as he is an excellent teacher and such an inspiration. I hope to work again Please tell Brian thank you – thank you for re-igniting my passion for acting with his Method training. I am at last on the right path and know deep in my soul that this is what I NEED to do with my life!

I would happily recommend anybody to join Brian’s course as he is an excellent teacher and such an inspiration. I hope to work again with him in the future.

Louise Turton, London SW20

I was preparing myself to write you an e-mail with all of the best words that truly come from my heart about the course and the great experience you gave me and to the whole group. I must emphasise that it was the best course I have ever been to and the most challenging as well, in my entire life. I learnt a lot and I see life different now.

This is for those who would like to do the course:

If you would like to be an actor and you are looking for the right training course….and you come across Mr. Brian Timoney’s courses, my advice is… stop there… you are lucky, in fact, very lucky! Start your course! I believe I achieved more than I expected and I saw everything happening… fact a few times I even cried, couldn’t help it!

It was brilliant and I am proud to have decided to do it. I would like to continue with it as it is for my best and you only get one chance.

If any of your future students would like to call me in order to speak about the course please give them my number or my e-mail.

I can’t wait to see you and hopefully to take part in your next course.

Thank you so much.

Olsi Meneri, Watford, Herts

Just wanted to drop an email to once again thank Brian and the Team for such a fantastic weekend – you were all amazing.

How mind-blowing it was and how revealing and powerful.

Chris Kerry

Amazing is just not enough to describe this journey! It was the best experience I’ve had so far! Bloody brilliant!!!!! Going to miss the interaction and a lot more of course!!!”

Mariana Panayotonacou

An amazing, inspiring and electrifying experience! Great people, great trainers, I want to say thank you and really felt like Feb 15th 2013 was day one of something very special to come =)”

Wayne Marlton

I survived Boot Camp! What a mind-blowing experience! It’s really not what I imagined but was so much more. If you’re reading this message and haven’t been but want to, what ya waiting for??

Your take more away from this than you expect. In fact I would truly say it’s a life-changing experience. If I feel like that after three days, then what would it be like if longer? We were all in the same boat; didn’t matter if you had experience or not. It’s time to WAKE UP – I’ve been flat-lining for a very long time. I’ve existed and functioned, but this has totally made me look at life differently. The start of a new journey… I’ve got something to get up and be excited about – and guess what? No one can take that away! What’s life all about anyway…?

You’re not just going to experience some great people teaching and coaching you, but you’re going to meet some absolutely amazing people – I really mean that. Going to miss ya all tomorrow!

PS: If anyone gets the Boot Camp blues, ya know where I am. X

Suzanne Kelt

A fantastic experience. Brian and all the others were amazing teachers. An amazing ride.

Stephen Waterworth

Yay!! Just finished the Method Acting Boot Camp and met some amazing people. It’s a shame we all have parted ways and the amazing experience is over but hopefully we all keep in touch!”

Terrie Phillip

Just got back home and I am missing Boot Camp – a great experience and an awesome weekend. I learned so much in these last three days and met some great people. Thank you.

Laura Haynes

I wanted to say a great big thank you to you, Brian, Natalie, Hazel, Robbie & Portia for the absolutely fabulous Boot Camp experience. The entire three days were such an amazing experience for me – allowing me realise my desires, emotions, capabilities and my true self. The Boot Camp for me, was the door that opened, to lead me on the right path in terms of my future happiness. The team liberated me and have given me the courage to seriously plan the rest of my life. I’m going for it!!! Acting is the way forward for me. Without the Boot Camp experience, I don’t know if I would have had the courage to progress with acting. I’ve been armed with some great tools to help me take that leap. Thanks so much once again. I hope to continue the Brian Timoney training experience by being selected to attend the Ultimate Acting Programme, and I look forward to the possibility of meeting you, and meeting Brian and the team again. If however, I am not so fortunate to be selected, I would like to wish you all the very best for the future – I wish you all joy and success.

My sincere thanks and appreciation.

Cathie Pearce

I just wanted to send you all a message to thank you for the fabulous experience I had during the bootcamp last weekend. I must admit that on Friday when I first arrived, I did wander whether I had made the right decision. By Sunday, I was sad to have to leave. It was the best experience of my entire life, teaching me not only great acting techniques but also what I am capable of and I now know without a single doubt in my mind that I am going to become an actress. Leaving the course, I felt liberated. Having found my true self, the course has left me feeling fulfilled. Thank you for the skills you have taught me – though I know this is just the beginning. I have a burning desire to learn more about method acting and would love the opportunity to do so with your guidance. I have applied for the Ultimate Acting Programme and hope to be considered and have the chance to work with your amazing team again in the future. With great thanks to you all,

Elinor Davies

Like anyone, I went into the course with doubts as to whether this was going to benefit me or not. However, the end result left me feeling excited, motivated, confident and very reassured about the art of Method Acting. Brian is clearly in his element with the Method Acting technique. His calm approach to helping you improve scenes, movement and dialogue is very effective. I felt that my rehearsed scenes just got better and better with Brian pushing me in the right direction. During my time there I met a lot of great personalities…where we all shared the same passion which made the working environment very relaxed and enjoyable.

I recommend that if anyone is given the opportunity to take part in the Boot Camp…GRAB IT! You will not be disappointed.

Ricky Sharma

Hi, my name’s Damien Thomas, and I came on the Introduction to Method Acting Boot Camp to see whether or not this is something I’d like to pursue in the future – and I can say I’ve had the most amazing time this weekend. It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions. It’s been absolutely phenomenal! Brian and Joe are brilliant. The rest of the class were fantastic – and I highly recommend this to anybody who wants to kick-start their acting career.

Damien Thomas

Hi, I’m Travis Coffmann, and I’m one of the students on the Brian Timoney Actor’s Studio for the three-day course – and it was absolutely amazing! Held at the 3 Mills Studio in London – and I’m just here to let everyone know that it’s an amazing course for anybody who’s serious about acting. So if you’ve have lots of experience or very little experience, this is the course for you. If you’re looking for longevity and you’re looking for characters that are meaningful and powerful and you believe in, and that are believable to any casting director or producer director, then this is the course is for you. There is now doubt about it. Do not put it off. I didn’t put it off – when I first found out about Brian Timoney’s Actors’ Studio, I thought, “Yes! I need to be here.” So I’ve just come to say, definitely – awesome course! Brian Timoney and his team – everybody; the teachers, Brian himself – and all of those exercises, it’s just absolutely outstanding and I am just bubbling with excitement to move forward in my career. So definitely join the Brian Timoney Actors’ Studio.

Travis Coffmann

Hello, my name is Thomas. I’ve just had the best three days I think I’ve had in a very, very long time, at Brian Timoney’s three-day Boot Camp. I actually have a degree and a master’s degree, and I studied “The Method” – but it’s one thing studying it and it’s another thing actually doing it. So for all those people who are, I don’t know, milling around in their bedrooms constantly thinking, “Oh, I want to be an actor; I just, I don’t know – it’s for all those people who have talent, or those people who have loads of money and got helped out – people who know…” Come here. Come here and sort it out. Because it can happen. It’s in you – and just don’t doubt yourself anymore. Thank you.

Thomas Casson

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