The trick to triggering authentic emotion on demand

Posted on 11 May 2015

shutterstock_221085529Let’s do a bit of ‘’Q&A’’ action today.

Question: I am a student studying Musical Theatre and recently I was told by my acting teachers that my acting has weaknesses that I am very keen to address.

They have said that whilst I am able to understand a character and convey the various emotions they have throughout a scene, I sometimes make the performance too demonstrative with a lot of emotional effort and that I lack believable connection with the character I am playing.

This is something that was never brought up with me before and I want to make sure that this does not occur again. I want to address these issues over the summer and am keen to take up intensive courses in acting to help me.

Can you please email some further information of your Method Acting Boot Camp course?

Brian: Indeed. I can completely understand.

But worry not because this is a common issue that many actors wrestle with. The good news is that there is a solution.

Step 1. Don’t try to ‘play’ an emotion. You can’t play emotions; you experience them. The trick therefore is to know how to trigger authentic emotion on cue.

Step 2: To do this, learn how to use Affective Memory. All the best method actors in the world use it to trigger authentic emotion and they could NEVER be accused of lacking connection to themselves or the character.

Step 3: Learn the Method. Sorry, there is no shortcut here. Great authentic acting has to be learned.

Step 4: You can start that process on my Introduction to Method Acting Boot Camp this July.

For full details and to apply go here:

That’s all for today folks!