9 out of 10 people won’t do this…are you one of them?

Posted on 30 April 2015


I heard this interesting stat the other day.

9 out of 10 people do NOT pursue the job of their dreams.

A survey was done on what people wanted to become when they were growing up.  Many said they wanted to be things like an astronaut, a rock star, a dancer, a fireman and of course an actor.

In reality, 9 out of 10 opted for ‘normal’ jobs. They would rather stay in a job they don’t like than take a risk and pursue the job of their dreams.

People usually refer to them as dream jobs to make them sound ridiculous or unattainable somehow.

There are of course 1 in 10 who don’t buy into that. They want to do something they really want to do during their lifetime and go for it.

Do you know one of the top factors as to why people are unhappy?

You guessed it…they can’t stand their job.

But, and here is the crazy part, they spend half their life doing it.

I know there are plenty of excuses as to why people say they need to stay in that job and perhaps some of them are valid, but are they more important than happiness? The answer to that question for most people is ‘yes.’ They would rather be bored and unhappy than take a risk.

Personally, I think that this is insanity.

But then again you are talking to the 1 in 10 who upset the apple cart by saying ‘no’ to doing something they didn’t want to do.

How about you?

Are you ready to pursue what you really want?

If you are, here is a very simple (and practically risk free) way of getting the ball rolling.

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