‘’The statistics are terrifying, with something like 92% of the profession out of work at any one time. What the figure doesn’t reveal is that the same 8% tend to work continuously while the same 92% never get a look-in. The trick therefore is to be in the top 8%’’Michael Simpkins, The Guardian

FROM: Brian Timoney
Actors Studio, London N1

brian-timoneyDear Aspiring Actor,

Have you ever wondered why some actors make it, while others struggle to find their way? Well I can assure you, the answer has nothing to do with talent. I’ve seen promising actors tied to the rat race for want of a decent break, and phenomenal actors scratching out a living in fringe theatres.

So while talent is a pre-requisite (bar a few exceptions!), it’s not enough to get you the success you’re looking for.

If you want to break through, you need something extra.

You need a thirst for knowledge.

You see, great actors have hungry minds. They’re avid learners, avid readers, and they devour material on a vast range of topics.

Most importantly, they’re obsessed with two essential disciplines:

(1) Acting Techniques; and
(2) The Business of Acting

These are the two components of a lasting acting career. Commit to studying…to lifelong learning…and, as they say, yours is the kingdom.

But first, you have to find your resources. And that’s where I can help you…

My Actors Inner Circle – A unique insight from inside the industry

Every month, as a member of my Actors Inner Circle, you’ll receive my 12 page – The Acting Business: Unleashed – special report, plus an audio CD to keep you informed while you’re on the move.

cdI’ll be sharing advanced Method Acting techniques that (until now) I’ve held in reserve for premium events like my Method Acting Bootcamp or Ultimate Acting.

Plus, I’ll share the very latest news from the acting world. I don’t mean petty things like new Equity rules, or famous actors moaning about Arts Council Funding! If that’s important to you, there’s ample coverage in other publications. But it’s not for us.

We’ll focus on the news that directly affects your career – especially in the exciting, well-paid worlds of TV and film.

There’s more. Each month, we’ll take a close look at an actor’s career path. You can go a long way just by following the trail that someone else has blazed! So we’ll look at the likes of Meryl Streep, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and other legends to see how they climbed the ladder.

Also on the business side, you’ll find a wealth of advice on how to market yourself to an agent or casting director. So month after month, you’re building an extensive resource, where topical news sits side by side with in-depth, timeless advice.


businessofactingmasterclass280Finally, it is. Let me tell you what I’ve lined up. I think you’re going to like it…

Along with your first edition, (special report and CD) I’ll send you a 6 CD boxset, my Business of Acting Masterclasses worth £97 completely FREE!. These CDs are worth their weight in gold.

Discover How To:

  • Get noticed by the people who can give you acting work TODAY
  • Attend at least 100 auditions in the next 12 months
  • Use every role you land as a springboard for the next one
  • Present the real you in your photos, CV and showreels
  • Prepare for big auditions – and know what your director wants
  • Treat your acting career as a business – not a hobby!

Play the CDs right away. You’ll hear my exclusive interviews with agents and casting directors working in the UK, Europe and Hollywood.

Suddenly, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to find your way through the acting maze. In fact, any one of the career tips in these in-depth interviews could help you bag an agent, or land your next big role.

Let me tell you what to expect in this unique 6 part series…

CD 1: Andrew Reilly

Actor, Director, Writer, Teacher – and Author of An Actor’s Business: How to Market Yourself as an Actor No Matter Where You Live. Credits include: theatre, film and TV work – UK & internationally

Being an artist is all well and good. But Shakespeare
made a good living. Why shouldn’t you?

Your CD includes:

  • The 3 Core Activities of Business, that you need as an actor
  • How to understand your own ‘type’ and let it work for you
  • Why your own self-image is the biggest obstacle in your career
  • Get 2 auditions per week, when you set aside 45 minutes per day
  • Turn gatekeepers into allies, and boost your chances of getting seen
  • Using your first roles as leverage for the next career move
  • T x E = S, S + P = C…two equations for a successful acting career
  • Water skiing and surfing: the difference between film and theatre work!

CD 2: Nick Forgacs

Agent with The Independent Talent Group. Clients include: Daniel Craig, Ian McKellen, Rachel Weiss, Michael Caine, Anthony Hopkins, David Tennant, Julie Walters, Orlando Bloom

Drama School Snobbery has gone. Today, the
industry is open to actors from all backgrounds…

Your CD includes:

  • The best time to approach an agent, and what they want to hear
  • Why agents will travel to far-flung venues to see a promising actor
  • How to research an agent, to see if you’re a good fit for their books
  • How to get professional headshots, without hiring a photographer
  • The power of being yourself, and the danger of second-guessing the agent
  • Finding local work, to get your career off the ground
  • Why classical looks are becoming less and less important
  • “Your showreel doesn’t have to be _ _ _ _ _, as long as it _ _ _ _ _ _! “

CD 3: Nancy Bishop

Hollywood Casting Director, Author of Secrets from the Casting Couch. Credits include: Bourne Identity, The Illusionist, Pink Panther, Bad Company, Hannibal Rising, Hellboy, Alien Vs Predator

Contrary to myth, the work is out there…if you help
the Casting Director to place you in the right role

Your CD includes:

  • Your CV: how to present – and prioritise – acting credits and skills
  • How to project the right image and bring your headshots to life
  • The best time to contact a Casting Director – and what they want to hear
  • The dangers of being under, or over, prepared for your audition!
  • How to keep your audition moving after a mistake
  • What Directors secretly mean when they give you audition notes
  • Evolve and enhance: why the world’s best actors are forever learning
  • Why you should create your own work when the phone stops ringing

CD 4: Dan Hubbard

Casting Director – Hubbard Casting. Credits include: major films: Lord of The Rings, Tomb Raider, Bourne Supremacy & Ultimatum, King Kong. Plus UK TV projects inc. Casualty, Taggart

Casting tips from the man who discovered
Kate Winslet, Colin Farrell and Sienna Miller

Your CD includes:

  • Dressing the part for an audition – how far should you go?
  • Why some Film Directors refuse to cast established actors
  • How Andy Serkis was cast in Lord of The Rings before he met Peter Jackson
  • The importance of inner confidence…and the danger of arrogance
  • Taking direction in your audition: should you let go of your character choices?
  • How to stay sharp when you’re not in work – a lesson from Al Pacino
  • The best digital formats for your images and showreels
  • Insider predictions for the film industry in the next 10 years

CD 5: Lucy Jenkins

Casting Director – Jenkins McShane Casting. Credits include: film, TV and theatre projects – including a stint with The Royal Shakespeare Company

Stay in touch, and stay positive…
you’re in it for the long haul!

Your CD includes:

  • Using Spotlight to show your range and versatility
  • How to contact a Casting Director, and when to follow up
  • The clues that Casting Directors look for in your CV
  • Why the ‘perfect’ headshot is the last one you should use
  • How to prepare for auditions (clue: reading the script is not enough)
  • What will directors be looking for the first time you read?
  • The vital lesson that actors can learn from elite athletes
  • The 7 qualities all actors need – because talent will only get you so far!

CD 6: Catherine Willis

UK Casting Director. Credits include: Waking The Dead, Casualty, Criminal Justice, Little Miss Jocelyn, Micro Man, Mersey Beat, Edge of Heaven, Relentless, Vicious, Fresh Meat, Suspicion

When you audition, be honest and brave and
instinctive…because that’s where the magic is!

Your CD includes:

  • “British actors can be lazy in auditions” – a chance for you to break in!
  • Impressing Directors by plotting an emotional arc for your character
  • “What excites us in a casting room is when an actor _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ “
  • Why traditional training is a handicap if you’re acting on camera
  • Stop being the ‘Hobby Actor’ and get inside the industry loop
  • Why knowing the latest writers, directors and genres will help your career
  • The risk of ticking too many skill boxes in your Spotlight profile!
  • Why bulking up your CV will stop you getting work


WARNING: this material is for committed aspiring actors looking to succeed. It is not for people looking for a passport to instant fame!

I have to stress this – because so many people, I find, are looking at acting for all the wrong reasons. Not because they want to explore their creative side and enjoy the many challenges of stage, TV and film work…but because they see famous actors on the covers of magazines and long for the glitzy lifestyle. These people, I can’t help.

If you’re going to invest in this material, you should understand this. It’s not about propelling you to a 7 figure deal so you can spend 50 weeks of the year lying on the deck of a yacht!

It’s about knowing who to call, what to say, and when. It’s about knowing your best qualities, so you read for suitable roles. It’s about getting auditions, and getting through them…getting the offer.

It’s about working. By changing the way you run your acting life – from a hobby, to a business.

So – if you’re going to do this, better do it now…

An Investment That Pay’s For Itself

To become a member of my Actors Inner Circle and receive my monthly acting report, Acting CD plus special emails is only £29.00 per month. You can cancel your membership at any time. Simply email us at [email protected] between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and your membership will be cancelled that day. Cancellations received outside of this time will be made the following working day.

Can you get by without this? Of course! But why bother taking the hard route with endless trial and error that can only delay your success….when all the answers are laid out for you, in easy monthly steps?

Going it alone would be the same as scaling a mountain blindfold…when there’s a perfectly good ski lift ready to whisk you straight to the top!

The 3 Types of Aspiring Actor who should not join the Inner Circle

This programme is not for everyone. So please click away now if you’re one of the following people:

1. Dabblers. The tips and strategies I share with you can make a significant difference to your acting career. BUT on its own, my advice is not worth a dime! It only works if you do something with it.

So, if you’ll casually glance at the material then get back to the day job…or put it on a shelf, aiming to use it sometime never…well I can’t help you. I want your membership to be an investment – not an expense. So please, only join if you’re ready to commit to your new life as an actor.

2. Doubters. None of this is theory. Unlike most resources in our industry, this is produced by working actors – not a team of journalists! So this stuff works. And I want members who’ll accept that and put it to use. If you’re going to say “Yes, but it’s different for me”, or question the expertise, you will not succeed. And therefore, I’m asking you not to join.

3. Moral Objectors! I said earlier, this material gives you an unfair advantage. And believe it or not, I know some actors who’d reject it on principle. They feel they should take their chances, with no inside information. If you feel the same way, I respect your conviction – but I really can’t help you.

To be clear: this material is not illegal in any way – it will just give you the edge!

If you’re OK with that, you should read on before my offer expires…



How much is your acting dream worth?

If you’re serious about changing careers, this should be an easy decision. No more 9 to 5, office politics, rush hours or mind-numbing tedium. In its place, an exciting new life filled with creative challenges – where contrary to myth, you really can make a good living.

It can happen. If you put the work in – and if you know where to focus your efforts.

And my guess is, that new life is worth much more to you than money. Or, if you put into numbers, it’s worth this tiny investment many times over.


You can’t guess your way to success. So stop everything that’s not working, and put your faith in someone who’s been there and overcome the odds.

Complete your application for the Inner Circle now. Then keep an eye out for The Acting Business: Unleashed. Your first edition, and your bonus CDs, will hit the doormat soon.

I can’t say where your career will lead you..but I promise, you won’t look back.

To Your Acting Success!


Brian Timoney

P.S. Remember, this programme comes straight from the trenches. It’s the only resource you’ll find that’s created for actors, by actors. That means you get the whole truth, with no sugar coating.

You won’t like everything I say…but follow my lead, and you’ll love the results.

Apply NOW to get one my CD box sets

P.P.S You can cancel your membership at any time. Simply email us at [email protected] between 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and your membership will be cancelled that day. Cancellations received outside of this time will be made the following working day.