Lesson 1

You are the character

Breakfast drink

Breakfast drink demonstration

Scene investigation


Relaxation demonstration

41 questions

41 questions pdf

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Bonus: Conversational Flow

Bonus: Monologue and Sensory

Lesson 2

Less is more

Make up and shaving

Make up and shaving demonstration


Animal Exercise

Animal Exercise Demonstration

Bonus: Subtext

Lesson 3


Three pieces of material


Personalisation demonstration

Speaking out


Bonus: How To Build a Believable Character

Click Play to Listen to Brian on Building Believable Characters. Duration 11 mins. Dear Member, Here is a checklist to go with this audio on Building A Believable Character. To be able to act well is one thing, being able to deliver outstanding acting is quite another. The approach laid out on this audio is an approach used by many of the top actors. Here are the seven areas that I cover. Character Background – Know the character’s history in detail. Internal Life of the Character – Create the emotional life using sense and emotional memory Personalisation – Superimpose someone from your own experience onto your scene partner Fixed Given Circumstances – Know the circumstances that will not change Rhythm and Structure – What is the rhythm of the play and the character, and what is the structure of the scene? Character Needs – What does the character want and how are they going to get it? Best wishes Brian Timoney

Lesson 4

Where are you right now?

A Place

A Place demonstration

Lesson 5


Overall sensation

Overall sensation demonstration

Sharp taste, smell and pain

Sharp taste, smell and pain demonstration

Lesson 6

Given circumstances

Personal object

Personal object demonstration

Lesson 7

Script analysis

Private Moment

Private Moment

Bonus: Acting for Film

Lesson 8

Emotional memory / Conditioning

Emotional Memory

Emotional Memory demonstration