Our application and audition process is not for tyre kickers or time wasters, so please read the following very carefully BEFORE applying.


£597 Audition Fee – This is fully refunded if we do not accept you onto the programme. If we do take you, then it goes towards your full fee.

If after being offered a place you decline, then the audition fee is NOT refundable if it is outside the 14 days cooling-off period or if you have attended the audition before the cooling-off period ended.

Also, if we offer you a place and you decline our offer you will not be able to apply for any of our courses in the future, so please be sure before applying. I know this may sound harsh, but it’s necessary to ensure that only those who are genuinely committed apply.

£6,995 Initial Payment – This is due one week after a successful audition.

Please make sure that you have your finances in order BEFORE applying.

Failure to complete this payment within the one-week time frame would mean that you would lose your place and there would be no refund of your audition fee and you would not be able to apply for any of our courses in the future.

£699 Each Month for 12 months (first payment due the month the course starts)

Total £15,980

To process your application, we require you to pay your £597 audition fee on the next page, but please make sure you have read the above carefully before committing.