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Dear Aspiring Actor,

I am releasing a special and exclusive acting Christmas gift set.

If you want to make your acting powerful and authentic and want the low down from industry insiders on how the acting industry “actually” works then you will want to get your hands on this gift set.

You can buy this as a gift to yourself for Christmas day or for someone else. It’s the Ultimate Acting gift.

The Ultimate Guide to Method Acting Book

The Ultimate Guide to Method Acting takes you through the exercises and practical techniques used by the world’s greatest Method actors to achieve outstanding acting.

This exclusive book has the following crammed into its 240 pages:

  • A way to identifying your emotional strengths and weaknesses
  • How to become an expressive power house
  • Exercises on how to produce emotion on cue
  • The progression of sense/emotional memory exercises to build sensitivity and concentration
  • GRIPIEN – an in-depth approach to scene dissection
  • Connection exercises to allow you to build a strong connection with your scene partners
  • 35 vital questions to answer to help build your characters history
  • How to build intricate and unique characters
  • How to us your authenticity
  • Voice and movement skills you need to know
  • How to use the method in auditions
  • How to use the method in rehearsals
  • How to use the method in performance
  • The song and dance exercise
  • How to be private in public
  • Knowing how your habits affect your acting
  • How to use the animal exercise to create unique character physicality
  • How to overcome nerves using the Method relaxation technique
  • The evolution of method acting
  • The ‘where am I right now?’ technique
  • Famous method acting performance analysed

…and much more

The Ultimate Guide to Method Acting Video Course

This is a video course with 41 videos that cover every aspect of method acting and how to use it in your work.
Then as you work your way through the series, you’ll discover:

  • Building intuition and empathy: techniques we learn from Stanislavsky and Strasberg
  • Using Emotional Memory to summon emotion on demand (this is the key to acting at a consistent, dependable level)
  • Using your own life as an anchor…because you can’t feel another person’s emotions!
  • Sensory exercises, to help you connect with people, props and environment
  • How to let your conscious and sub-conscious mind flow through your performance
  • Daily exercises to relax and train your whole body
  • How to recognise, and neutralise, your own physical habits
  • Reliable techniques to remove mental and physical tension
  • How to combat audition anxiety and first night nerves
  • Warming up for a performance, using your body and voice
  • Why you can’t play the finished character on day one – a lesson from Rembrandt!
  • 41 questions to help you get to know your character
  • The 7 Elements of Character, and how to add in each layer
  • Your character’s back story, and the hidden dynamics between characters
  • Using your character’s Super Objective to plot a performance, scene by scene
  • Using the finished character to find the sub-text in a script
  • Traditional, Sensorial and Speaking Out: 3 improvisations to help you connect with the material
  • Finding The Animal: an exercise used by Hoffman and Brando to show hidden character traits
  • Being private in public – how to build your belief in the environment
  • How to live in character, on set and in your daily life – a lesson from De Niro
  • How to block out the audience and perform for your character
  • Using speech and movement to convey subtle emotions
  • How to add appropriate energy to a scene
  • How to speak in character, naturally…so it doesn’t feel like you’re reading a script
  • How to create The Illusion of First Time: because the things we say are not rehearsed – they’re invented in the moment
  • The subtleties of film that every stage actor has to learn
  • How to cope with lengthy delays, and be ready to act on demand
  • How to build instant rapport with an actor you’ve just met
  • How to be present in the scene when you’re shooting out of sequence…or acting without your scene partner
  • The director’s expectations – things you have to do consistently if you want a long career in film!

The Business of Acting Masterclass CD Set

This exclusive CD set is six in-depth “Business of Acting” interviews with leading industry insiders.

  • The 3 Core Activities of Business, that you need as an actor
  • How to understand your own ‘type’ and let it work for you
  • Why your own self-image is the biggest obstacle in your career
  • Get 2 auditions per week, when you set aside 45 minutes per day
  • Turn gatekeepers into allies, and boost your chances of getting seen
  • Using your first roles as leverage for the next career move
  • T x E = S, S + P = C…two equations for a successful acting career
  • Water skiing and surfing: the difference between film and theatre work!
  • The best time to approach an agent, and what they want to hear
  • Why agents will travel to far-flung venues to see a promising actor
  • How to research an agent, to see if you’re a good fit for their books
  • How to get professional headshots, without hiring a photographer
  • The power of being yourself, and the danger of second-guessing the agent
  • Finding local work, to get your career off the ground
  • Why classical looks are becoming less and less important
  • “Your showreel doesn’t have to be _ _ _ _ _, as long as it _ _ _ _ _ _! “
  • Your CV: how to present – and prioritise – acting credits and skills
  • How to project the right image and bring your headshots to life
  • The best time to contact a Casting Director – and what they want to hear
  • The dangers of being under, or over, prepared for your audition!
  • How to keep your audition moving after a mistake
  • What Directors secretly mean when they give you audition notes
  • Evolve and enhance: why the world’s best actors are forever learning
  • Why you should create your own work when the phone stops ringing
  • Dressing the part for an audition – how far should you go?
  • Why some Film Directors refuse to cast established actors
  • How Andy Serkis was cast in Lord of The Rings before he met Peter Jackson
  • The importance of inner confidence…and the danger of arrogance
  • Taking direction in your audition: should you let go of your character choices?
  • How to stay sharp when you’re not in work – a lesson from Al Pacino
  • The best digital formats for your images and showreels
  • Insider predictions for the film industry in the next 10 years
  • Using Spotlight to show your range and versatility
  • How to contact a Casting Director, and when to follow up
  • The clues that Casting Directors look for in your CV
  • Why the ‘perfect’ headshot is the last one you should use
  • How to prepare for auditions (clue: reading the script is not enough)
  • What will directors be looking for the first time you read?
  • The vital lesson that actors can learn from elite athletes
  • The 7 qualities all actors need – because talent will only get you so far!
  • “British actors can be lazy in auditions” – a chance for you to break in!
  • Impressing Directors by plotting an emotional arc for your character
  • “What excites us in a casting room is when an actor _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ “
  • Why traditional training is a handicap if you’re acting on camera
  • Stop being the ‘Hobby Actor’ and get inside the industry loop
  • Why knowing the latest writers, directors and genres will help your career
  • The risk of ticking too many skill boxes in your Spotlight profile!
  • Why bulking up your CV will stop you getting work

The Method Acting Manual

This exclusive manual has the following crammed into its 109 A4 pages:

  • A success indicator track to allow you to measure and detail your practice activities and the impact on your ability on a week to week basis.
  • Exercises on how to produce emotion on cue.
  • The progression of sense/emotional memory exercises to build sensitivity and concentration.
  • The 7 areas of investigation to apply to your scene work.
  • Connection exercises to allow you to build a strong connection with your scene partners.
  • 45 in-depth questions to answer to help build your characters history.
  • The 7 year rule.
  • How to build intricate and in-depth characters.
  • My own personal concepts and observations on acting.
  • The secret to creating exceptional talent…it’s learnable
  • Film and TV angles you need to know
  • Stage craft technique, including the 9 points of a stage and angles
  • Recommended reading list
  • Recommended plays and monologues
  • The 3 As that get mistaken for talent but take no talent to do.
  • Voice and movement skills you need to know.
  • Knowing how your habits affect your acting.
  • Understanding why taking direction is crucial.
  • How to overcome nerves using the Method relaxation technique
  • The ‘where am I right now?’ technique
  • The 6 parts of a play

…and much more

All this would normally come to a grand total of £267 but a limited time you can get it for ONLY £197.

I have only 20 in stock so, once they are gone, they are gone.