This Is A Journey Into Artistic Spiritual Communion And The Inducement Of The Creative State Through…


Dear Friend,

The first time I acted on stage, I had a weird experience.

I felt calm, confident and powerful…which was not what I was expecting.

During rehearsals, I was a nervous wreck and concluded that if I managed to get through this without making a fool of myself, it would be a miracle.

But when opening night arrived, the ‘normal’ world seemed to disappear, and I became encased in the play’s imaginary realm, which completely absorbed me.

It was a life-changing moment.

The experience was so powerful that it preoccupied my mind for weeks and months to come.

The ancients Greeks called this experience The God’s Descending, which is my favourite description of it because there is something spiritual about it.

When acting is done at its very best, a spiritual communion is created between the actors and the audience, which can have a profound impact.

This may seem like a grand view of acting, but there is no escaping the existence of this experience as its results are all around you.

Painters, musicians, writers and many other artists recount experiences of being in a creative flow state when they have created works of art that are considered genius.

This ability is available to you. You just need to know how to reach it.

That is what this course is all about. I will show you how to develop a deep creative state and enter into spiritual communion with your fellow actors and the audience.

You will learn:

  • How to enter into the present momentand develop stage presence.
  • Why you are not your thoughts and feelings and how to identify the real
  • How to enter into silence and stillness to evoke the creative state.
  • How to avoid pre-planning scenes and instead hand over to your creative subconscious.
  • The ancient Buddhist approach to being in the moment.
  • Why (and how) you must transcend your ego to create the character.
  • Why emptiness is the key to fullness in your acting.
  • A way to meditate with your eyes open.
  • How to make contact with another actors soul.
  • A way to deal with bad or difficult actors without saying a word.
  • How to perceive inanimate objects to induce
  • How to use gaps to bridge the way to the creative state.
  • Why there are two of you, inside you, and how to distinguish the helpful ones from the destructive ones.
  • Why the state of being is so important to acting and how to achieve it.
  • Why time is irrelevant and a distraction from creating great acting.
  • Why the past and the future can destroy your acting in the present.
  • How to become unflappable under pressure.
  • How to feel peace and contentment on a daily basis.
  • A way to transcend your ego and
  • How to mine the depth of your unconscious.
  • Why you need to take a break from yourself, to attain highly artistic work.
  • A way to experience the infinite power of the creative force.
  • The secret to fulfilment and contentment.
  • Why the universe wants you to create.
  • The truth about where creative genius comes from.

But before we go any further, let’s get clear about…

Who This Is For (And Not For)

This is not for those purely looking for a kit bag of practical acting tools. I deliver that on other courses.

This is for those looking for that another dimension to their work and are open to spiritual teachings. It’s a deep exploration of the ability to be and how to bring the state of presence into your life and work.

If that resonates with you, then here is…

How It Works?

Dates and times: Monday 29th May – Thursday 8th June 2023. The live stream session will happen at 11 am on Monday – Thursday each week (each session is approx. 45 mins), with a replay available later that day.

Venue: Your place.

Deadline to join: Midnight, Sunday 28th May 2023

Age: 18+

Fee: £97

This Is What Students Of Transcending Actor Had To Say:

Having completed the Transcending Actors course with Brian, I can honestly say that this has been the most transformative course that I have ever done. It has made such a big difference to both my personal and professional acting life. It has added a whole new depth to my acting and helped me let go completely of any fears or anxieties I have.
This course is a must for every actor, regardless of what level they are at. ”

Tara Devitt

I would just like to simply say the transcending actor courses were a game changer! They helped relax my unwanted thoughts and helped me focus more on being present and positive. I would definitely sign up for the next course whenever that may be.

Abbie Offless

Just wanted to say – The Transcending Actor was ‘right on the money’! Firstly, as a presenter you are wonderfully proficient, dare I say calming, and incredibly knowledgeable about the art of method acting – I don’t know how you can keep the audience truly engaged day after day, all so naturally and from your heart. Secondly, the content you shared really ‘got under the skin’ of what the method is all about. The course delivered this in a daily process that built and built my understanding of myself and how to approach acting. Thirdly, some of the techniques I have found are useful everyday, they can be applied to help in situations that continue to surprise me. I have been truly inspired by what I was lucky enough to learn. Offering up your many years of wisdom virtually, I felt was a lovely gift to all of the fellow attendees. It really gave everyone something great to look forward to in these strange times. I would honestly endorse the course. If you at all curious about how you can improve your acting skills, I cant think, or know of a better way than to experience this course. Brian. Thank you.

Mike Wheeler-Wyatt

I felt compelled to book on and I’m so glad I did. Brian clearly has a deep understanding of meditation, presence and evolution by transcending one’s ego. He teaches well why this is an important aspect of an actors training. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is an experienced actor, to anyone that has some meditation experience already but it’s a definite must for any aspiring actor pursuing performing as a professional career.

Yes, acting techniques are important but if you only act from your vanity or ego, you will miss out on so much … growing yourself as a person and really acting with depth and honesty which I believe has the potential to open up more doors in the acting business

Lynn Edmonstone

Brian’s new course was transformational. Some years ago I read “The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle in which the author impresses the need to transcend our ego-based state of consciousness, and move into stillness, freeing yourself from enslavement to the mind and being present. All good stuff, but at the time it just didn’t work for me. Perhaps I just wasn’t ready to abandon myself to the experience (or non-experience!). However, Brian in his measured, accessible presentations throughout the course really brought me into a deeper presence. As a preparation for real, authentic acting this seems essential and I think it is already giving me the space to really connect with a character at a very profound level. Thank you Brian. Another triumph!

Mark Lewis

It was a life changing experience to say the least!

To be shown that becoming more present in the moment by being more in the moment seems a strange thing to say but wow it does make sense when you are led there the right way.

This leads to being shown how to be completely immersed in the scene, not being yourself but just being the character without the worries & baggage of your own life to burden your performance. Being thoughtful of how and what you are about to say by living the word as you look for the meaning behind them as you deliver them, rather than just reciting the script. But also letting the word of all participants and surrounding effect your delivery as though it was said for the first time

Garry Metcalf