The Limitations Of Half Body Zoom Acting

Posted on 19 February 2021

At the moment, due to the joys of lockdown, we are restricted in what we can do.

When I started my online Lockdown Acting intensive, I wasn’t sure how much could be achieved online, from an acting training point of view.

A lot can be done as it turned out, but there is no replacement for live and in-person coaching.

My teaching’s full power happens when I’m in the studio live with students watching their every move. I can see their whole body and watch their unconscious impulses and how they are expressing themselves.

You see, training an actor is not only about getting someone to think differently, it’s also about how they express themselves and move. It’s a massive part of training an actor.

If you can only see them from the chest up, which is often the case on Zoom, you can only get half the picture.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do a lot of successful online teaching, but it needs to go to the next level at a certain point.

That next level is me analysing and dissecting your every thought and move, and coaching you to enter into the eyes of the character and transform.

That’s precisely what I do on my Étude Xpress.

It lasts five days, and there are only ten people on it, and we go deep into my approach – Timoney Method.

If you think you learned a lot on the Lockdown Acting Intensive, wait until you have experienced five full, immersive, acting packed day’s under the watchful eye of The Master, live and in person.

This is what Sarah said after completing the last Étude Xpress:

“If you have completed one of Brian’s Lockdown Acting Intensives and want to take your learning to the next level then you should apply for the Etude Xpress.

I had completed a number of Brian’s Lockdown Intensives before the opportunity arose to apply for the Etude Xpress. And quite honestly it was the best decision I made. Putting into practice some of the techniques learnt during the Zoom sessions, having others in the room and being able to interact with them, react to them, and experience them helped me solidify what I had been leaning and improve on it.

Things that may seem simple and foundational are not overlooked because they are as important as any other aspect. And Brian knows that. His knowledge is second to none and I would take every opportunity I could to learn more from him. Now I can’t wait to take my learning even further and take his Ultimate Course.” Sarah Walker

But, I don’t take everyone who applies; there is an application and selection process to gain entry and I only take ten students.

All the details are here:

Brian Timoney

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