Pictures from showcase rehearsals

Posted on 7 April 2014

Blog 1As well as working on the emotions and behaviour of characters when you get into the final stages of rehearsal, you must also consider the technical requirements.

Here are what I call the 3 A’s, which help to remind you of a few of those requirements.

Articulation – you need to be heard and understood no matter what size of theatre you are working in. Good articulation makes sure that every word is heard.

photo j

Angles – you need to be aware of your angles on stage. If you go into profile too much, half the audience will not see your performance. You need to angle out towards the audience and be aware of your positions.

– you need to anticipate as much as possible. Anticipation of entrances and exits and when your scenes are coming up might sound simple but many an actor has missed a scene because they lost concentration and didn’t anticipate the order of scenes.

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