Not So Fast Grasshopper!

Your Place Is Booked For The Lockdown Acting Intensive, But Before You Go Please Take A Moment To Consider Getting My Book:

The Ultimate Guide To Method Acting

It’s the perfect companion for the Lockdown Acting Intensive. It’s 240 acting packed pages.



Here is what’s included in the book. This exclusive book has the following crammed into its 240 pages:
  • A way to identifying your emotional strengths and weaknesses
  • How to become an expressive power house
  • Exercises on how to produce emotion on cue
  • The progression of sense/emotional memory exercises to build sensitivity and concentration
  • GRIPIEN – an in-depth approach to scene dissection
  • Connection exercises to allow you to build a strong connection with your scene partners
  • 35 vital questions to answer to help build your characters history
  • How to build intricate and unique characters
  • How to us your authenticity
  • Voice and movement skills you need to know
  • How to use the method in auditions
  • How to use the method in rehearsals
  • How to use the method in performance
  • The song and dance exercise
  • How to be private in public
  • Knowing how your habits affect your acting
  • How to use the animal exercise to create unique character physicality
  • How to overcome nerves using the Method relaxation technique
  • The evolution of method acting
  • The ‘where am I right now?’ technique
  • Famous method acting performance analysed
…and much more



“An essential guide to method acting composed by a wise and uniquely talented acting coach, Brian Timoney.” Fiona Norton Fletcher “Describes each aspect of the method with a sincere love and faith which the reader will find infectious.” Symon Hamer Why aren’t all acting books like this?” N M Cameron “A pleasure to read!” George Banden