Marlon Brando’s unusual (and secret) on set acting technique

Posted on 7 December 2015


Now, last week I talked about how Steve McQueen took lines out of scripts and how Marlon Brando didn’t learn lines at all.

Well, Marlon had another approach he used on set that no one knew about.

When he walked on set, he would look at the crew, the director and the actors and think to himself “I don’t give a fugk what any of you think of me”.

I’m not making this up. In a recent documentary (Talk To Me Marlon) he said that was the best way to get rid of any fear.

You see, fear can cripple an actor’s work and Marlon’s approach released him from fear of judgment.

What’s interesting is that even Marlon one of the greatest method actors ever, had to overcome fear.

Try it out and see how you go.