Kung Fu Acting

Posted on 18 January 2021

As a kid, I loved the TV series Kung Fu.

If you have never seen it, it’s a bit like Karate Kid but better.

Master Po, who is an old blind wise Kung Fu Master, instructs his young student, Caine, on how to become a Kung Fu expert.

In his first lesson, Master Po easily defeats him in combat and they have the following conversation:

Master Po: Ha, ha, never assume because a man has no eyes he cannot see. Close your eyes. What do you hear?

Young Caine: I hear the water, I hear the birds.

Master Po: Do you hear your own heartbeat?

Young Caine: No.

Master Po: Do you hear the grasshopper that is at your feet?

Young Caine: [looking down and seeing the insect] Old man, how is it that you hear these things?

Master Po: Young man, how is it that you do not?

Master Po overtime teaches Caine to hear the grasshopper, which becomes his nickname.

I often experience something similar when I start teaching someone. To begin with, they can’t see or hear the acting grasshoppers at their feet, but with my guidance and their commitment, they start to see and hear. The development of these two senses along with the other three others, and of course, the sixth sense (which is another story for another day) allows them to heighten their powers of perception.

Heightened perception is key to being present, in the moment, which allows for deep and authentic acting.

Just like Young Caine, you need someone to coach you. Someone who is watching you, helping you develop the right skills and eliminate any bad acting habits. If you are ready to get to work with The Master, then walk this way.

The next  Lockdown Acting Intensive starts Monday 25th January, the deadline to join is Sunday midnight.

All the details are here:


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