How to Spot the Best Acting Classes in London

Posted on 18 January 2013

Acting Classes in LondonLondon has always played a pivotal role in the world of acting. You only have to look at the number of acting classes in London to understand that this is a city with its heart in the arts.

The West End of London is called Theatreland – and for good reason. There are more theatres there than in probably any other city in the world.

People flood from all over the world to watch shows in the West End which fuels a very healthy proportion of theatre shows.

As well as people coming to watch shows in London, people also flood to train to become an actor London. Why? Well, London has the reputation of providing some of the best acting training in the world.

Of course, there are acting classes in London that will be substandard, but with this being such a large industry, this is no surprise.

The best acting classes in London can be found with some careful investigation and thought about what you need and what the class can provide.

Here are some points to bear in mind when selecting an acting class in London.

  1. Review the coaches’ credentials. Are they players within the industry or are they just dabbling in training actors?
  2. Make sure the technique that they teach is top quality. There is no point in learning a technique that is no good.
  3. Get some form of guarantee. For my Method Acting Boot Camp I always offer a 100% money back guarantee on the first day. I wouldn’t want to take anyone’s hard-earned money for acting training they did not deem exceptional. Unfortunately, I am one of the only people to do this. Most acting classes in London won’t do this for you.
  4. Will they teach you the business of acting? It’s all well and good learning to act but once you have learned your craft you need to get knee-deep in the industry and you will need guidance.

If you are looking to start an acting career, it’s crucial that you get the correct training. Believe me, when I was training I discovered my fair share of good and bad acting classes, and sometimes you have to give a few a go to find what’s right for you.

One thing I believe is crucial in today’s industry is that the acting class that you choose must be able to teach you how to be real, and show you how to deliver emotion on demand. When you get into the industry this is invaluable. When you’re on set for the first time and the Director wants you to get emotional, you want to be able to flick the right switches in you to achieve that. There is no room for doubt at that stage – you can either do it or not. And you want to be able to deliver on demand.

Good acting classes in London can be hard to come by despite the amount of training offered. Tread carefully and do your homework.


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