The guilt of not doing the job your parents wanted you to do and becoming an actor instead!

Posted on 13 July 2015


A former student of mine said to me the other day.
‘You know what Brian, I still feel guilty about becoming an actor. My parents wanted me to become an IT professional and I feel I have betrayed them by becoming an actor’.
Oh, how I know this story.
I have been there.
Listen, parents always have our best interests at heart but at the end of the day it’s your life.
I had to have this chat with my parents once upon a time and I said to them ‘Do you want me to be a banker or do you want me to be happy?’
Interesting reframe don’t you think? What parent would want you to be unhappy?
I have to say that once I made the leap, I never felt guilty. I was too busy being happy. I know it sounds like a cliché, but it’s true.
Sometimes, people feel guilty just contemplating it. They say ‘God, if my parents knew what I was thinking of doing they would kill me!’
They won’t.
The worst is that they would disown you…only joking…kind of…depends on the parents.
Usually, there is concern then there is acceptance.
Remember it’s YOUR life and as far as we know you only get one shot at it. Why live it doing something someone else wants you to do? That’s like living the life of someone else.
There should be no guilt in living the life that you want to live, mon ami.
Which reminds me. If you haven’t got my book yet – The Ultimate Guide to Method Acting – then now is the time.