How to get more and better dates…and acting work!

Posted on 24 August 2015


Okay, let’s talk about dating.

As a happily married man I don’t need to do this anymore, but I do remember what a nightmare and joy it can be. Nightmare when you get it wrong; great when you get it right.

So, to the subject, how do you get more and better dates?

…and what the hell is this to do with acting? I hear you ask, as a sub question in the deep recesses of your mind.

Righty ho, let’s discuss.

First dates are a bit like auditions. You want the job, but you do not need it. There is a subtle difference. When you are on a first date you want them but don’t need them. That means you can walk away at any moment without it being a big deal. There is a confidence in that. It’s very attractive. It’s very seductive.

Be authentic. No one likes a faker in life or on stage. A date wants to see the real authentic you. So do audiences, agents and casting directors. (And no one likes to see a faked performance….if you know what I mean).

Don’t give up all the goods on the first date or first audition. You want to keep them coming back for more; if they get everything on the first occasion then their interest may wane. Now, I’m not suggesting that you deliberately hold back in auditions/dates, I’m just saying that you should show them enough to get them very interested and wanting more.

When you start doing the above you start to exude a quite seductive confidence, which will lead to more people being attracted to you and getting better dates.

Talking of dates, on September 2nd I will be auditioning for the Ultimate Acting Programme…want to join me?


Then you need to apply. I choose who I work with.


Then it probably isn’t going to work out between us.

It’s not you; it’s me.

I think I need some space for a while.

I hope we can still be friends.

I’m sure there is a really nice acting coach out there for you…somewhere.