Gangsta Shakespeare Rap

Posted on 24 November 2015

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Mark Rylance (probably the best stage actor ever) had this to say about how Shakespeare is done today in the UK:

“It’s too reverent. It is like taking a rap song in 400 years from now that we think is really wonderful and deciding it should be said slowly, so all the lovers of rap can hear every word.”

At last, someone has finally called it.

When actors do Shakespeare in this country, they are expected to have a plummy bellowing voice and to declaim every word.

As Mark points out, that’s like Eminem’s Lose Yourself being done very slowly.

Did you know that in Shakespeare’s day there was no Standard English pronunciation? All the actors had regional accents. So, why is it now that the establishment insists on it being said like a newsreader?

I think it’s no mistake that Mark compared Shakespeare today to rap. Rap is a very gritty and real form of expression.

I, like many other industry insiders have no time for overacted work. They want real, believable and gutsy acting; especially, for film.

That’s why we focus on The Method on the Ultimate Acting Programme.

Here is how one of my former students put it:

“I choose the Method because you can be who you really are. You can tap into your own emotions and experiences and project that on to the screen or on the stage.

It’s changed me in a massive way. It’s absolutely brilliant!’’ – Angela Walters

No flowery, namby-pamby crap, just real, believable, emotional work.

Next round of auditions are next week.