My favourite quote of all time is…

Posted on 30 September 2015

I bet you have a favourite quote.

I do.

Here it is:

“To be normal is the ideal of the unsuccessful.” Carl Jung

What I like about it is that it succinctly expresses a very real truth.

To be super successful, you need to be abnormal.

Muhammad Ali

Jack Nicholson

Martha Stewart

Steve Jobs

Steven Spielberg

Mother Teresa

Winston Churchill

Angelina Jolie

Pablo Picasso


This lot are not normal.

If you want to be normal you will need to be part of the crowd and the crowd will want you in your place. If you try and step out of the norm you will (more than likely) be ridiculed by the masses.


They don’t want you stepping out of line. They want you in the fold.

Here is the lesson:

The successful crave the abnormal. They look at what everyone is doing and do the opposite. By doing this they find things that others did not see or think about.

So, Carl was right and if we reverse-engineer his quote it would say this:

“To be abnormal is the ideal of the successful.”

Something to think about!

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