A Step-By-Step Process To Character Creation and Unconscious Acting

Dear Friend,

If you want to learn how to create authentic characters and act unconsciously then this small but mighty online étude (scene) class is just what you need.

Études are short, bespoke written scenes, written by myself during the session.

Étude Mini is a complete workout for the actor. You learn the essential skills of how to create authentic characters and live in the moment.

In this small class for four students, I very carefully and precisely take you through each step of the process so that from the very start, you are doing things correctly.

I will show you how to identify and establish the embryo of the character and allow it to grow within you until it consumes you and you become them.

In the end, you will be able to…

Slip Seamlessly
Into The Mind Of The Character And

In this immersive state, you will respond spontaneously and ‘in the moment’ as them.

Deep character transformation and spontaneous reaction is the aim of the class.

To achieve this, you will need careful monitoring and guidance. There are many pitfalls and rookie errors that can occur, and if they go unchecked, you will create bad acting habits, and the whole thing could backfire on you. You need to be carefully coached until it becomes second nature, then you will become an independent actor creator.

If you are ready to take that next step, here is the low down.

Course Details:

You attend for one hour, once a week for three weeks, via Zoom.

Once you have a place in the class, you will have the option to renew every three weeks if you would like to continue. If you decide not to, then we would make the place available to the waiting list. Many attendees renew and remain in the class because they get so much out of it.

Fee: £197.00

Here Is What Students Are Saying About Etude Mini:

I am brand new to this and decided to join Brian’s Lockdown Intensive which was amazing! Once hearing his method it doesn’t make sense to try any other way. I was too nervous to volunteer to try an Etude on the lockdown, so a small group of 4 on the Etude Xpress seemed like a great idea. It’s been a very useful and interesting 3 weeks as we have added more lines and more context, which allows you to progress in small steps and really be in the moment. Brian is insightful and inspiring, managing to tell you exactly where things are going wrong, in a way that just makes you want to get better and doesn’t discourage you. I’ve booked on for another 3 weeks as I know I’ve got a lot to learn and who better to learn from than the Master!

Rachel Hassett

I was introduced to the ‘Etude’ process during Brian Timoney’s Lockdown Acting Intensive course. I had never experienced anything like it before and was totally intrigued by it. Brian guides you through a process that allows you to be present in the moment and to respond to a script with absolutely no preconceived notions or rehearsal and just be the character. I was so fascinated by how the Etude exercises made me feel that I have since attended a number of his ‘Etude Mini’ courses. This course builds on the Etude process from the Lockdown Acting Intensive course and allows it to be experienced in more depth. Focusing solely on the Etude and in the small classes of only 4 actors has improved my ability to unconsciously create deep and authentic characters. The process allows for truthful, in the moment, acting and encourages a freedom of expression that is true to the character.

I’ve noticed that in other acting projects my fellow actors are commenting on how authentic my performances are and I owe that to the Etude process and being able to practise this in the Etude mini course.

Brian is an excellent communicator. He is very patient and encouraging and gives honest and constructive feedback which has really helped me improve. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to build on and improve their method acting technique.”

Julie Stevenson

I’ve been doing the Etude Mini classes now since last summer.
I am really grateful to the acting wizard Brian for the chance to practice this crucial technique. He is both constructive and supportive in his provision of invaluable feedback.
Thanks to these classes, my confidence has grown and I now have more belief in my acting ability than ever before (and I’m 48).
This is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.”

Helen Cooper

I attended two of the 3 weekly one-hour etude mini classes last year and found them to be an invaluable experience, not least because of the opportunity to be acting (or reacting!) with another participant. Being given a simple dialogue with no back story or knowledge of the circumstances encourages a wonderfully organic way of working and comes close to our conversational experiences in real life. In the beginning you have no idea how it is going to unfold or exactly how your partner will respond. You have to become present in the moment and bring unconscious thought into play to get a real sense of what might be happening. These classes were inspirational and really confirmed the essence of everything Brian has been teaching on the Lockdown Intensives”

Mark Lewis