Emotion Free Acting (EFA)

Posted on 6 November 2015


Over the last decade, we have seen a mass influx of things that are free of.

For example:

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Wheat Free

Sugar Free

So, I would like to add an acting one….Emotion Free.

Yes, there is acting that goes on that is completely devoid of emotion.

You look in their eyes and the lights are on but no-one is home.

In fact, sometimes I think some of the old guard wear this as a badge of honour. No emotion please; we are British!

Well, things have changed and people not only want to see real and truthful emotion; they are demanding it.

The question is how do you do it?

Some believe that it’s just by chance or if they manage to engage with the characters’ circumstances enough.

No, no and thrice no.

There is an art and science on how to create emotion on demand but there is a very dependable way of doing.

Which is all part of The Method baby!

Now, if you are ready to start some serious and full on method training next year then you need to start taking action this year.

Trust me; this year will be over before you can say Jack Kerouac.

The next round of auditions for the Ultimate Acting Programme are on 2nd December.

You need to apply first though and be accepted onto the auditions.