Election day (and the consequences for you)

Posted on 12 December 2019

It’s election day.

Tomorrow there will be a new Prime Minister or the same one.

Either way, Brexit still divides the nation, food banks are now a part of our society, there has been an epidemic of knife-related killings on the streets, the NHS is at breaking point, the economy is teetering on recession and terrorist attacks are now the norm.

Happy days! But don’t lose heart there is something you need to be aware of that is good news for the artist. As we head into 2020, there is something reminiscent of the 1920s. Across the world then there was massive unrest. The USA headed into the worst and deepest recession in its history, Europe was recovering from World War I and Russia had a revolution. Sound familiar?

But here is the thing. This period of history also saw a record number of artistic genesis come to light and thrive. In fact, there was a creative revolution that came along to lift the spirits of the suffering people. It was the artists of the day that brought hope and understanding to the world and lifted it out of its turmoil. I do believe actors, directors, artists, dancers, and the like reflect our society and allow the people to understand themselves and their situations and as a result, allow change to occur.

So here is my advice. Cast your vote as you see fit but then getting busy becoming the acting artist you want to become and change the world. I know it seems a lofty aim, but the power of the acting artist should not be underestimated. Films, plays and actors performances drive deep into the public psyche. We have a responsibility as acting artists to go as deep as we can, to add our profound contribution towards change.

There you have it, and perhaps your start in all this is to start your acting training on the Ultimate Acting Programme:


Brian Timoney
Master Of The Method