Why Ed Sheeran doesn’t believe in luck

Posted on 8 October 2015


Ed was interviewed this morning and came out with some interesting views on luck and success.

This is what he said about luck:

“Luck doesn’t really exist.”

He was explaining how he believes that success comes from a combination of efforts. Not a lucky event.

He went on to say that he also believes the following (in order) are the most important qualities for success.

1. Ambition and drive
2. Likeability
3. Talent

Now, you may be surprised to see talent in the number three position.

I’m not. Ed is right. Talent is important and we all want to be as talented as possible but talent without drive and ambition would never see the light of day.

Likeability is an interesting observation too. Ed realizes people gravitate to people they like. It’s easier to get into a band, singer or actor if there is something about them that you really like.

I’ve always said that when people “get into” an artist they kind of fall in love with them and they get seduced by the artist.

Ed is a VERY successful guy who has worked very hard to get where he is. He used to gig up and down the country with nothing but his guitar in all kinds of good and bad venues. This is where he developed his talent. His drive, was, and still is, immense.

Something to think about!

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