”I have worked as a professional actor now for a number of years and have been around the block a few times. I approached Brian Timoney for help. I felt that my zest for acting had started to diminish, and that frankly I had become ‘rusty’. Under Brian’s direction not only have I fallen head over heels in love with acting again, but I have been given a much needed ‘Booster injection’ in terms of my understanding, and approach to my work. The Method is now a practice that I intend to continue with, and with Brian’s help, pay closer attention to. I would recommend Brian’s classes to anyone wanting to understand what makes acting real, believable, and worthwhile.”

“Having never acted before, Brian’s course could not have been better. He knows the techniques inside out, he knows the industry back to front, he knows the work top to bottom. Also, he knows inspirational acting has the power to change people and most importantly, his motivation is to teach you all about it. Epic course, serve me up another portion.”

”This course really allowed me to open up. I completely enjoyed all the lessons. I felt really free on stage and totally lost any self-consciousness I had. So, if you want to join this course, don’t think about it… it’s fantastic!”

“Initially, I was unsure of what the ‘Method’ entailed. The processes involved caused my awareness of myself to gradually open like a flower responding to sunlight. The Method allows you to acknowledge your own truth and when the alchemy of truth and creativity merge something magical is created inside the actor and for those watching. The experience of acting using Method tools has left me wanting to learn and experience more of the same.”

”It was a truly great experience. I have learned so much about acting, as well as about myself”

“Brian’s course is an amazing experience that really gets you in tune with yourself as an actor, by presenting it as the art form that it is. It taught me about the raw honest truth of performance and the discipline and will needed to convey it.”

”I have found Brian’s course an excellent opportunity to develop my depth as an actor. It has helped identify some of my weaknesses and provided valuable tools to overcome them or in some cases turn them into strengths. I have also found it a safe and encouraging environment to express myself in, and hence progress in. On top of this, I have had the privilege of working with an honest teacher in Brian Timoney, who has nurtured and taught me many tools that work for me.”

”A very interesting class structure that gives you the opportunity to work as hard as you want. It has opened up the proverbial window of fresh air for me, and with every breath, I can feel that there’s more and more to be explored and developed within me, thanks to this class.”

“I have been a member of Brian’s Studio for approximately six months. Throughout the six months, Brian Timoney’s classes challenged everything that I previously understood about acting and it has taken my acting to a whole new level. Brian is committed to the work of his students and offers constructive criticism, so that the work of his students is more honest and grounded. We are taught various exercises that allow us to tap into a deeper truth within ourselves and breathe life into the characters we play. I cannot imagine any other way for a gradual but effective way to get a beginner started on a road to success. I highly recommend Brian’s classes to those who are looking for skills that will set them apart from all other actors and are serious about acting as a career.”

“With any good drama class you need a teacher that is honest and focused to get the best acting out of you. This is the first time in a long time I have really acted in this sort of environment. The classes are small so you get a lot of individual attention as well as valuable group work. I would recommend this to anyone with a passion for acting and wanting to find a little bit more about themselves, but be prepared to step over some boundaries!”

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