“Brian’s course is an amazing experience that really gets you in tune with yourself as an actor, by presenting it as the art form that it is. It taught me about the raw honest truth of performance and the discipline and will needed to convey it.”

”I have found Brian’s course an excellent opportunity to develop my depth as an actor. It has helped identify some of my weaknesses and provided valuable tools to overcome them or in some cases turn them into strengths. I have also found it a safe and encouraging environment to express myself in, and hence progress in. On top of this, I have had the privilege of working with an honest teacher in Brian Timoney, who has nurtured and taught me many tools that work for me.”

”A very interesting class structure that gives you the opportunity to work as hard as you want. It has opened up the proverbial window of fresh air for me, and with every breath, I can feel that there’s more and more to be explored and developed within me, thanks to this class.”

“I have been a member of Brian’s Studio for approximately six months. Throughout the six months, Brian Timoney’s classes challenged everything that I previously understood about acting and it has taken my acting to a whole new level. Brian is committed to the work of his students and offers constructive criticism, so that the work of his students is more honest and grounded. We are taught various exercises that allow us to tap into a deeper truth within ourselves and breathe life into the characters we play. I cannot imagine any other way for a gradual but effective way to get a beginner started on a road to success. I highly recommend Brian’s classes to those who are looking for skills that will set them apart from all other actors and are serious about acting as a career.”

“With any good drama class you need a teacher that is honest and focused to get the best acting out of you. This is the first time in a long time I have really acted in this sort of environment. The classes are small so you get a lot of individual attention as well as valuable group work. I would recommend this to anyone with a passion for acting and wanting to find a little bit more about themselves, but be prepared to step over some boundaries!”

“Brian’s Actors’ Studio has given me exactly what I need in an acting course. There is a great atmosphere in the classes and more importantly I feel safe to experiment and in turn this allows me to be more creative and imaginative in my acting. I feel that because Brian was a working actor himself, he is sensitive and up to date to the students needs. Brian is helping me to overcome my personal obstacles as an actor and I am enjoying my continued progression within the class.”

“I find this class essential for a clear understanding of how to access this technique called “Method acting”. It has also allowed me to initiate a much deeper connection with myself as well as with the characters I play.”

“Brian’s teaching of ‘the Method’ has made me realise that my acting needs to be 100% believable and I’ve benefited from his coaching and honest feedback to my work. He has created a professional learning environment and with a limited number of students to each class we all get our own time and space to perform.

“This teacher is brilliant. He offers a practical approach to acting using Method exercises as well as great advice on the industry and useful feedback on your work. It’s so refreshing to work with a teacher who is as good as he is. I found the class environment especially good; it’s supportive so you feel you can take risks in your work. What’s great about this course is that it really is suitable for any actor whether they’re a beginner or have been acting professionally for years. I recommend it!”

Using ‘the method’ has transformed my approach to acting and the standard of my work. I feel free in myself, and really alive when working. The Method has also shown me how to stimulate a high level of belief in what I am doing on stage.”