Ruchika Jain completed the Ultimate Acting Programme and said this – “Great experience, learnings for life, opened a world of possibilities for me.”
Ruchika Jain

Graduating from the Ultimate Actiung Programme, Lisa Daintry has appeared in the major TV drama, Anne, starring Maxine Peake whom she acted opposite and Little Boy Blue starring Stephen Graham.

“Working with Maxine Peake was a fabulous experience. She was kind and generous and a true professional. I loved being part of Anne ITV Drama the Hillsbourgh. Very Grateful.
The Ultimate Acting course prepared me from a complete beginner to someone who was equipped with all the tools to feel confident to be a professional actor in the industry. Brian Timoney is an excellent teacher! Strong to push you through, but kind and compassionate to help you grow as an artist. The course shows you how to make you’re acting truthful, interesting and believable in a safe, professional and friendly environment. It also teaches you the business side of acting, which is vital. Amazing Experience, Life Changing! Thank you Brian Timoney you’ve been so supportive and my Rock! Forever grateful.”- Lisa Marie Daintry

Graduating from the Ultimate Acting Programme Auriane Teffaf appeared at the National Theatre in the production The Visit starring Lesley Manville.

This is what he said about the Ultimate Acting Programme:

“A life-changing experience! It’s not an easy ride but it’s worth it! Thank you ever so much Brian and Natalie for an incredible year.”- Auriane Teffaf

David KerrDavid Kerr completed the Ultimate Acting Programme and has since appeared in the Netflix original production The Crown.

“It’s been absolutely fantastic. Brian’s a really great teacher. He’s great at understanding what makes you tick and freeing you up to be both authentic and expressive. He’s got a great gift for observing people and unlocking them and freeing them to express themselves on the stage or in front of the camera.” – David Kerr

Graduating from the Ultimate Acting Programme Zino Ventura, starred in a major feature film called, House on Willow Street.

“These people teach from the heart. You’d be silly not to do this course. Really. I’ve learnt so much about myself. I am truly an actor as I stand here before you – and I can’t express more what this has done for me. It’s more than just an acting course; you get to know these people. They teach you like way within themselves and they give you everything they can give you. They give you all their expertise. At the end of this, you do our showcase and you are so prepared and so ready to take on the rest of the world. You’d be doing yourself a disservice not to do this course. “ Zino Ventura

“I wanted to gain more insight into the Lee Strasberg technique, but I got so much more. From this year I have not only expanded in my craft, I have also grown tremendously as a person. More confidence. More fight. More compassion. Without doubt this course will take you on your own personal journey of self-discovery, and is a great course for any actor wanting to learn The Method.” Katrina Nare

Graduating from the Ultimate Acting Programme Julian Schaffner secured a major role in a Hollywood movie, Singularity, opposite John Cusack.

This is what he said about the programme:

“What I love about this course is that you get the chance to develop your craft with great teachers, as well as the business aspect. After this year I can say not only have I made a big step in my art, but I’m also represented by an agency now and ready for work!”Julian Schaffner

Graduating from the Ultimate Acting Programme Kamilla Alnes secured major roles with 20th Century Fox (American Horror Story) and Comedy Central (I Live With Models).

This is what she said about the programme:

“After taking the one-year program, I decided to move to LA to pursue acting over there. I still live in LA, and have a wonderful manager and a great agency!

Last year I booked a recurring guest part in American Horror Story and spent several months on set with wonderful actors like Kathy Bates, Matt Bomer and Lady Gaga.

I recently booked my first series regular and am at the moment I’m back in London filming season 2 of a TV show for Comedy Central called “I Live With Models”.

I just wanted to reach out and thank you both!

I had such a wonderful experience at your school. It opened my eyes to the fact that my dream actually was possible to follow.

I’m forever grateful!” – Kamilla Alnes

luke-smithGraduating from the Ultimate Acting Programme Luke Smith had multiple agents after him and secured a role on the BBC feature film Jawbone, starring Ray Winstone.

He contacted Brian on Facebook and said this:

“Just finished my first feature film. Jawbone, staring good old Ray Winston, Ian McShane, Johnny Harris and Michael smiley….. O yea And me. lol” – Luke Smith


Tim-CharlesTim Charles was previously a barrister and decided to change careers. Graduating from the Ultimate Acting Programme, he won a role in a major feature film called Bitter Harvest, starring Terence Stamp and a role opposite Tom Hardy in the BBC TV series Taboo. This is what he had to say:

“I will forever be thankful to Brian for letting me have a go… he has given me the kick-start I needed.” Tim Charles