Acting Cage Fight: Bradley Cooper V Rami Malek (Round 2)

Posted on 10 February 2019


You may have seen the commotion I caused a few weeks ago.

I posted on my blog about why Bradley Cooper should have won the Golden Globe for Best Actor for his performance in ‘A Star Is Born’ rather than Rami Malek for his performance in the Queen biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’

Round two of this particular acting cage fight is about to take place tonight at the BAFTAs. If there is any jutice. If there is any sanity when it comes to awards Bradley should (for the love of God) MUST win.

The reason for this is best demonstrated through a question that I got in.

“Hi Brian,

Recently you discussed the ‘Queen’ movie and how you thought it was a triumph of impersonating, rather than ‘being’ the character.

So I wondered what you feel about the new Laurel and Hardy movie….as the Master….not as a movie critic per se?

I wondered what you would think about the juxtaposition of 2 so familiar heroes where there are factual and fictional representations of their characters?

Again, were the performances, for you, amere impressions? Can these “factually” based films ever be anything other than impressions from the actors?

Thank you for all your wisdom and sagacious advice, it is pure gold.”

You are most welcome.

First, you need to understand that there are four personality types that come to acting:

The Imitator

The Emotional

The Affective

The Rationalist

The Imitator is brilliant at indicational acting. This means they can reproduce what something looks like rather than what it feels like.

The Emotional is brilliant at using their surroundings within their acting. They are ACTIVE in the environment and take physical impulses and actions easily.

The Affective feels things very deeply and profoundly. They make abstract and meaningful connections to what is happening in front of them. They seek to connect deeply to themselves.

The Rationalist is worst personality type when it comes to acting. They should never become actors. Why? They see everything happening in front of them, but they talk themselves out of any actions or deep perceptions. They are ultra-cautious and very left brain. Very uncreative. They would make great accountants but rubbish actors.

The best actors in the world are a combination of Emotional and Affective. They have deep, meaningful connections to themselves and others and take action freely. Daniel Day-Lewis, Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Heath Ledger, Amy Adams, Joaquin Phoenix are all excellent examples of this kind of actor.

The Imitators are good at indicating and mimicking. They are not deep actors but are very good at showing the eternal form of things. If you are going to make a biopic of someone very well known like Freddie Mercury or Laurel and Hardy you would want an imitator. Why? Because the externals (body and voice) need to be perfect. Everyone knows what they were like so you must adhere to that. Unfortunately, though, they lack depth.

Pretty much all biopics of this type will suffer from this, and it means that it’s closer to an excellent impersonation than great acting.

Which is why Bradley should win best actor tonight and not Rami.

Some may disagree with my humble (but accurate) opinion, but The Master has spoken.

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