Exclusive Acting Beginners Discovery Event - FREE

Sunday 17th March 2024
2 pm – 5pm

Discover how to go from a complete beginner to a professional actor and how Brian and the team can train you to deliver outstanding acting, navigate the business and launch your acting career.

IMPORTANT: Please listen to this brief message before requesting your place. It contains important information that you need to know before applying.

Dear Aspiring Actor

This is your invitation to apply to spend the afternoon with me live and online – Free.

I am holding this special ‘Discovery Event’ for beginners who want to discover more about having me and my team personally work with you and train you to become a professional acting artist.

This is a small group event – with limited places because I will be giving you personal attention and focusing on your current situation.

During the afternoon, I will be sharing the acting strategies I use and have been using over the last two decades to change beginners into pros. I’ll also be showing you how our three-day Etude Xpress course can transform and revolutionise your acting ability guaranteed. This is only for you if you have a serious interest in being trained by one of the world’s leading method acting studios.

Here’s what we are going to cover in the afternoon:

  • The new acting standard (that no one is talking about) that you need to know from the start
  • How to learn and retain lines so its easy
  • The key to overcoming performance anxiety (this also helps with real life anxiety)
  • How to enter the mind of a character and stay there
  • The acting techniques taught by many acting schools that don’t work, will never work, and will severely limit your acting ability.
  • The essential acting foundations required to act correctly from day one. (If you don’t do it correctly from day one you will have to undo a lot of bad habits in the long run.)
  • A road map to become a successful pro actor
  • What you should be doing now to move closer to becoming an actor
  • The rookie errors made by aspiring actors that condemn them to acting Siberia, and they don’t even know it
  • I will share an example of our showreels and why it works

I will also be showing you how I will transform your acting ability from scratch. I will show you how I will:

  • Build your acting ability using the world’s most powerful acting techniques
  • Solve your biggest acting blocks that prevent you becoming a great actor
  • How to completely immerse yourself into characters
  • Why your voice is possibly holding you back and how to solve it
  • How to physically transform into characters seamlessly
  • Help you avoid the BIG business of acting mistakes made by many and navigate the industry

This event will take place live and online and runs from 2pm to 5pm in the afternoon. It is by application only and places are limited.

We will be going through the replies to this invitation in the order in which they are received, so please let us know you would like to join me here:

Your acting ability is the foundation of the future of your professional acting career. Your future career depends on one thing – your ability to act at a very high level. It is your acting ability that will determine how many roles you get, so it must be world class. Now you can have me and my world class team train you from scratch to do exactly that.

Come and find out what it’s all about – it’s Free.

Best wishes,

Brian Timoney