Why acting fairness is overrated

Posted on 20 November 2015


Now and again, I will get an email from a mush cookie saying that I’m not being fair.

It’s usually when I say that acting is not for everyone and definitely not for those that need their tummies tickled on a regular basis.

They then say, “But Bri, it’s your job as a teacher to take people by the hand and lead them to acting success; especially, if they are fragile and scared”.


Fragile and scared types should probably become accountants or something like that, because they will treat you fair in those nice cushy office environments.

Here is the harsh reality about acting: It’s not fair!

Does the best actor always get the job?

Nope and it’s not fair.

Do you get to audition for the right roles all the time?

Nope and it’s not fair.

Sometimes, you get down to the last two and they go with the other actor because they have blue eyes.

Again, not fair.

The acting industry has got to be one of the most unfair industries in the world and guess what? It doesn’t care.

Oooh harsh.

Like I said, it’s not for mush cookies, the fragile and scared.

I certainly don’t have time for them. I want acting Gladiators. I want students willing to step into the arena and take a hundred lashes from my acting whip (metaphorically speaking) without having to go crying to mummy.

Life is not always fair, my friend, but it’s all about how you deal with it that counts.

Now, if you want to give yourself the very best in this unfair industry then you need to learn The Method.

My book awaits you!