A sociopath could have done a better job

Posted on 2 November 2020

I was on set once where I watched the most painful thing imaginable.

It was an actor trying to squeeze out a tear.

He was playing a character that had just witnessed the death of a family member and the director wanted him to break down and cry.

Oh, the fun and games that ensued can’t be done full justice in this email but let me try.

They went for the first take and there was nothing. No tears.

The director had a word and they did another take. This time he tried fake crying and grimaced a bit then covered his face.

(Honestly, I couldn’t watch.)

The director went over and told him to go for a walk and think deep and dark thoughts. Five minutes later, he came back and they went for another take. There was just more faking and face contorting.

(I began to think even a sociopath who doesn’t experience much emotion, could have done a better job than this guy.)

Finally, as a last resort, the make-up girl produced a wee stick; it was a tear stick and she put some under his eye, so fake tears would water up in his eye.

The director walked away behind the camera looking mighty pissed off and defeated.

This is all so unnecessary but so many actors just have no clue on how to consistently produce emotion on demand.

That fact is there is a way to do this that requires zero inspiration. It’s a scientific process guaranteed to produce real emotion.

In the method, we use a little thing called emotional memory to do the job. It will make you emotional at the drop of a hat and once you have mastered it directors will absolutely love you for it and will want to work with you over and over because of it.

Ready to learn how?

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