A message from Shia LaBeouf on following your dreams

Posted on 1 June 2015



I saw a brilliant video the other day.

It’s Shia LaBeouf giving advice on following your dreams.

Go and watch it here and come back to me.

I love his passion and share his frustration.

You can really feel how frustrated he is with the idea that people don’t just do it.

He’s right; most don’t.

It’s a shame that most people stay stuck in a ‘normal’ life because they fear what would happen if they threw caution to the wind and followed their dreams.

To sort this out once and for all, I have a wee test for you. It’s called the rocking chair test. Imagine yourself as an old geezer or geezerette sitting in your rocking chair and ask yourself this:

‘Is there anything I regret not doing?’

If you get a ‘yes’ to that question then here is what I suggest:


Shia and I have a very similar view on this. What are you waiting for? No excuses or logical reasoning because you will only talk yourself out of it…just do it.

Now, if one of those things is becoming a pro actor then you know what you need to do, don’t you?

Come along to my seminar on – How to Become a Professional Actor from Scratch next Monday.


(Imagine me doing a Shia power move when saying the above)