5 things never to do before acting…

Posted on 20 August 2015


Here are some performance-affecting activities to be avoided.

1. Sleeping or closing your eyes an hour or less before a show. You may not wake up or wake up just before going on. This would leave you feeling very disoriented.

2. Drinking alcohol. Not a drop must be consumed before a performance for obvious reasons. I have come across a couple of actors in my time who have said ‘oh, just the one!’ No, not one. It’s unprofessional and will affect your ability negatively.

3. Being late. This can really disorientate you. Never do it.

4. Tomfoolery with other actors should be avoided before going on as it will distract you. There are exceptions of course, for example if you are about to play a scene that requires you to be very playful.

5. Don’t mix with the audience before a performance. If you do, that can affect people’s perception of you as the character. In my opinion, it can ruin a bit of the magic for the audience. There are exceptions, for example, playing promenade.

There you have it!

Put them on your fridge door, why don’t you?

They are also useful to note if you are about to audition for the Ultimate Acting Programme on the 2nd September.