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Dear Aspiring Actor,

It looks like we are in lockdown.

Which means there are lots of aspiring actors slowly going nuts sat indoors.

So, I have decided to help by offering an exclusive online, self-isolated acting course.

If you have to spend time indoors, you might as well hone all the acting skills you can ready for release.

On this course, I will be covering everything from specific acting tools and techniques to the business of acting and everything in between.

Here is what will be happening for those on my acting lockdown:

The Master’s Quaranstream 

I will be doing a live video stream each day which I am calling The Master’s Quaranstream. I will be discussing different acting tools and techniques and taking your questions. I have no idea how long the streams will last, it depends on how much I have to say on a particular subject and how many questions there are, but I would block out 45mins to an hour.

Banged Up At Home Self-Tapes

You will have the option to send me a self-tape each week (which is optional) and I will critique your acting. A self-tape is when you tape yourself on your phone acting a monologue or scene.

Lockdown Acting Facebook Group

There will be a special closed Facebook group for members to chat with each other and to me as we go through the course.

Binge Watch Films

I will be recommending films and performances to watch (and why) while on the lockdown.

The Details

Dates and times: Monday – Thursday starting 30th March until April 16th. The Quranstream session will happen at 11 am each day, with a replay available. Just in case you have to go to the shops and bulk buy something.

You can submit one self-tape each week (this is optional) during the lockdown, and I will review and critique within 48 hours.

The other stuff will arrive in your inbox at random times during lockdown.

Venue: Your place.

Fee: £97

Here is what you will learn:

• The secret acting technique developed in Russia a 100 years ago that the KGB didn’t want you to know about.

• The scientific way to consistently deliver emotion on demand, even if you have the emotional range of a sociopath.

• 5 traits of successful professional actors that will shock you.

• How to learn lines so they are fresh and new every time you say them. HINT: Most actors learn lines in an incorrect manner.

• The seduction technique that all great actors use to make the audience fall in love with them.

• The four personality types that are attracted to acting. Two are perfect for acting, and the other two should never even consider becoming actors. All will be revealed.

• The unconscious high wire acting trick that is done without a safety net.

• A virtual character creation box that will allow you to enter into the world of the character at will.

• My ‘twist the knife’ character circumstances approach that will allow you to feel their experiences genuinely.

• The essentials of professional stagecraft that will ensure you are never seen as an amateur.

• My end-to-end film acting brain dump. I will take you through everything I know about film acting and film making. You need to know both to act well on film and TV.

• The secret to revealing the unspoken truths between the lines of a script.

• How to unlock the natural flow of your physical instrument (i.e. your body) to physicalise the character.

And much more…..

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