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Dear Member,

I know what it’s like going to auditions – Traumatic!

A medical study was carried out to gauge what happens to an actor whilst going for an audition. The medical researchers found that the body goes through similar stress to that of a car crash! Yes, you did read that right, a car crash.

I have to admit that I have been in some terrible auditions that have indeed resembled a car crash. But I have also been in some fantastic auditions. Here are some important top tips that I guarantee will help you avoid the proverbial audition ‘car crash’.

Always ask for the script in advance. This goes for Film, TV and Theatre. Even if this means calling the casting director’s office to request it personally.
Read the script in full. Not just your lines, you need to know the full picture. If you are also able to demonstrate you understand the full piece, directors will note it.
Dress for the occasion. If you’re going to audition for a lawyer, wear a suit, if it’s a dodgy drug dealer, wear some scruffy clothes. It seems obvious, but believe me, I have been in The Bill’s casting office and watched actors go in dressed in jeans and a t-shirt to play a copper. They have just made it ten times harder for the casting director to see them in the role.
Always arrive early for the audition. I recommend finding the venue half an hour before you’re due to go in. Then find a coffee shop, have a hot drink and try to relax.
If you didn’t get the script sent to you, go into the venue half an hour before your slot and get a copy. Then take it to the coffee shop to read and digest.
If you don’t have any relaxation techniques then find some, FAST! Stress and nerves can be killers in auditions. Carry out some suitable relaxation in the coffee shop.
If there is no coffee shop then it’s time to panic!
Make strong choices about your character. Directors like to see you have an opinion on characters. They don’t want vague readings. They want to see a clear opinion and intention in your work.
Don’t be desperate. Directors and casting directors can sense desperation a mile away and it’s not an endearing quality in an audition. Go in with the attitude that you want it but don’t need it.
When you are sight reading, look at the person you’re acting with as often as possible. Don’t worry if you get a few lines wrong. At least they will see you act as opposed to having your head down in the script.
If you know some of the qualities of your character you may want to bring them into the interview in a suitable manner. For example, I won the lead role in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ by playing a slight attitude of disrespect for authority. The director said he cast me from the interview more than the reading because he sensed a similarity between me and the character.
Try and have fun, and then forget about it. Try and enjoy the process and then when you’re done, forget about it. Go and do something to take your mind off of it.
Best wishes
Brian Timoney