Brian Timoney’s

Ultimate Acting Programme

Become A Professional Actor In One Year

Next intake October 2017

Next audition 15th January 2019

small-photo“I firmly believe the Ultimate Acting Programme is the most powerful and effective method-acting programme in the world for anyone truly serious about entering the top 5% of the acting profession. That’s why we are looking for serious, dedicated and determined aspiring actors with the commitment to succeed to qualify to for our exclusive Ultimate Acting Programme

~ Brian Timoney, Creator of Ultimate Acting


A Message From Brian Timoney

Acting Excellence

We are currently looking to accept a select number of students onto my unique one year part-time Ultimate Acting Programme.

The Programme is a high-end, no holds barred, challenging actor training and extensive career launch.

The Ultimate Acting Programme includes:

  • Comprehensive, in-depth and challenging Method Acting training, voice training, physical acting training, TV & film technique, audition technique, theatre technique, on location showreel shoot, scene and monologue performance and much more. This training will effect a deep powerful change in your acting – taking it to a top level. The training is on a part-time basis to allow you to work and study, until we launch your career
  • As well as working with Brian in the UK you will also meet with him in L.A for a one week L.A. Boot Camp
  • A session with two leading Hollywood Casting Director
  • A session with a UK leading Casting Director
  • Coaching on the ‘business’ of acting.
  • Career development support package
  • Free Membership of my VIP Inner Circle
  • A Graduation Showcase, followed by a drinks reception, at the exclusive Industry Private Members’ Club, The Century Club, Soho, London – where Agents and Casting Directors will be invited to see your work.

This is the only course in the UK solely offering Lee Strasberg Method Acting training, a Method Acting Boot Camp in L.A. and an exclusive Graduation Showcase at The Century Club, London.


An Exceptional Actor Training

Here is a breakdown of the areas we will cover within our Method training. Many of the sensory exercises follow the same approach – building up your sensitivity, concentration and focus – to impact your instrument in different ways.


An important aspect of great acting is being able to completely relax. During our technique sessions, we will cover Method Relaxation to focus you mentally and physically.

Sense Memory/ Emotional Memory

You will be taken through the unique extensive progression of Sense Memory exercises where you will build up your sense memory ‘muscle’ using real life events.

Private Moment

You will recreate an activity that you would normally do alone, but that you would stop if someone entered the room. This exercise is to allow you to be completely private in public.

Animal Exercise

You will learn how to create a completely different physicality from your own by using the animal exercise. This is where you create the physical and psychological traits of an animal within your characterisations.

Affective Memory

You will relive a strong emotional experience from your own past to create a specific emotion required for a scene.

Method Improvisation

You will work on various Method improvisation techniques, including ‘Speaking Out’ (when you speak out as you, the actor, within a scene, and return to the scene content) and sensory improvisation (when you try different sensory exercises to stimulate different internal improvisations).

Scene Study

This is where you put all the technical exercises to use within scene work. Acting scenes from plays and films is a crucial development tool for the training actor. We will show you how to construct a character, dissect a scene, analyse the text to further your own talent and get the scenes to a top professional standard.


Brian In Session With Ultimate Acting Students

Text Analysis

We will show you how to analyse a text, and how to fully understand the hidden meaning or subtext of the lines. This will also form an important part of how you will develop your characters.

Character Development

There will be sessions specifically covering character development. We will show you how to build a convincing and believable character – crucial to any performance.

Voice and Speech

Having a good grounding on speech and voice is essential. We will help you develop good diction, accent reduction, accent development and voice projection. We will free up your voice to enable you to use it to express yourself fully.

Physical Acting

Freeing up your body so that it can be used for you to fully express yourself is very important. You don’t just act with your head, but your whole body. This unique movement class will allow you to fully engage with your instrument.

Audition Technique

As you become more advanced you will want experience of the audition process, including the dos and don’ts to make your audition a successful one. We will show you all the tricks of the trade to get you the part.

Film and TV Technique

There will be sessions where you will be filmed and given specific film and TV techniques to ensure you are ready to work on camera.

Watch The Video Below To Listen To The Outstanding Results Achieved By Our Students

What Is Method Acting?

The method is about being authentic, truthful and utterly believable. No faking allowed!

It is a defined process of working. You master a step-by-step process that leads to acting excellence. It is a tried and tested practical approach used by the worlds acting elite. The reason that they use it is that it delivers a very high level of depth and believability and is very consistent. When you need to deliver top performances over and over again this becomes a very important factor.

The method is also about being unique. The approach embraces the uniqueness of each individual and enhances your raw ability and turns it into a powerful acting talent.


Famous Actors Who Tap Into The Power of The Method And Refuse To Follow The Herd!

Robert De Niro Steve Buscemi (Reservoir Dogs) Claire Danes (Romeo + Juliet)
Al Pacino Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) James Dean
Matt Dillon (Crash) Sally Field (Brothers and Sisters) Bridget Fonda (Point of No Return)
Jane Fonda Dustin Hoffman Dennis Hopper (Easy Rider)
Robert Duvall Uma Thurman (Kill Bill Vol. 3) Ann Bancroft (The Graduate)
Scarlett Johansson (Lost in Translation) Angelina Jolie (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) Jowharah Jones (Ugly Betty)
Harvey Keitel (Pulp Fiction) Ray Liotta (Goodfellas) Jesse L. Martin (Law & Order)
Jennifer Jason Leigh (Single White Female) Nicole Kidman Frank Medrano (Entourage)
Sienna Miller (Factory Girl) Marilyn Monroe Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds)
Paul Newman Rebecca De Mornay Geraldine Page
Mickey Rouke (The Wrestler) Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond) Daniela Ruah (N.C.I.S.: Los Angeles)
Sean Penn Adam Sandler (Funny People) Sissy Spacek (North Country)
James Spader (Boston Legal) Tim Roth Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos)
Eli Wallach Christopher Walken (The Deer Hunter) Chandra Wilson (Grey’s Anatomy)
Philip Seymour-Hoff man Shelly Winters Marlon Brando (The Godfather)
Daniel Day-Lewis (Gangs Of New York) Forrest Whitaker (Last King Of Scotland) Jack Nicholson


We could list hundreds more. But the point is clear: the relationship between the acting technique they chose and the success they have achieved is not a coincidence.

Watch Brian’s Students At Work


We will also Personally Coach You on the Business Side of Acting

Let’s be clear about our intentions and what is important about this programme. Our passion is creating outstanding acting – in-depth, believable, no-nonsense, gritty, moving work, which is authentic and truthful. This is the most important aspect of your year with us – developing this standard.

However, we also recognise that there is a business side to acting that must be understood, developed and mastered.

We want to be certain that you have all the support you need to actually implement everything we cover – so there will be sessions to cover the business side of acting with a Casting Director and also with Brian himself.


The Century Club
The Century Club

An Exclusive Graduation Showcase at London’s

Most Exclusive Industry Private Members’ Club – The Century Club

At the end of the year we will hold a Graduation Showcase at the exclusive industry private members’ club, The Century Club, in the heart of London’s West End. This will be your chance to been seen by Casting Directors and Agents.

There will be a reception afterwards where you can mix and mingle. The Century Club is a favourite venue for the industry.

Katie Miller – SECURED AN AGENT Simon Donohue – SECURED AN AGENT



Results Of The Showcase…

I’ve just finished the one-year Brian Timoney Ultimate Acting Programme. We had our showcase a couple of weeks ago and as a result I’ve had three meetings with agents. I really enjoyed them and two weeks ago I got a new agent! So I’m really excited and just raring to go! Rob Lowe, Streatham, London (A regular on the BBC Primeval programme)

Following the showcase with Brian Timoney a month ago I’ve started following up with agents that attended, and some that didn’t. I managed to secure three meetings (two agents who attended the showcase and saw my work, and one who didn’t, who asked me to audition). All three offered me representation, which is just fantastic. It’s better than I could ever have hoped for and today I made my decision. So I’m officially represented and I’m looking forward to getting started and receiving my first casting breakdown. All good! Thanks guys. Sarah-Jane Sherwood, Petts Wood, London

We had the showcase at the end of the course and it was just the most fantastic night ever. The amount of work really paid off. What really hit home for me was having people approach me and tell me how good I’d been that night. This was the most flattering and fantastic feeling, and I didn’t really expect it to happen straight away.I’ve had meetings with two agents, and I’ve got another two meetings next week. I genuinely think that by this time next week I’ll be in a position where I can actually choose who I want to represent me for the future. This time next week, I’ll be a professional working actor, and that’s exactly what I did the course for. This course didn’t change my life; it started it. I can never thank Brian and Natalie enough for what they’ve done for me this last year. Stuart Robinson, Shoreditch, London P.S. Stuart gained representation the following week and his first professional job the week after.

I’ve just completed the Ultimate Acting Programme with Brian Timoney. Just a week ago we did our showcase at The Century Club, which was a fantastic experience. I now have an agent. I spoke to lots of casting directors. They were all very, very friendly and they all enjoyed the show. I would say this year has probably been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Giovanna Cantone, Richmond Upon Thames, London (Giovanna gained representation).

About two years ago I was selling cars. I decided to have a complete career change, sold all my cars, moved to London, met Brian, did the one-year course, and all I can say is ‘Wow’! The showcase was last week. I’ve had four different offers from agents, and since Wednesday I’ve been on three different castings. One of the castings is £125 000 for three weeks work! Ryan Bell, Leyton, London (Ryan gained representation).

The next day I was receiving phone calls from agents who I hadn’t even spoken to in order to set up meetings. I was sending out emails to other agents and getting meetings back. I had a meeting on the Friday after the showcase. I’ve got another few lined up for next week, so it’s almost getting to the point where I’ll be picking an agent rather than desperately seeking one out. I’m going to have a choice, it would seem, and it’s very exciting. Craig Carter, Hackney, London P.S. Craig gained representation the following week.


Flora Bruce – SECURED AN AGENT George Lamptey – SECURED AN AGENT



VIP Boot Camp in LA

On top of all this, you will be making a one week trip to LA where you will work with Brian at his acting studio in Hollywood. During the trip you also will have the chance to meet an LA Casting Director and Agent.

The LA Boot Camp takes place approx. 8-9 months into the course.

On Location Shoot With Professional Film Crew

And Showreel Creation

Being able to work on camera is a crucial skill that needs to be mastered for today’s industry. Firstly, we train you in ‘the method’ and then we start to train you on screen acting technique. Towards the end of the course you will experience working with a professional film crew to create your first showreel.

This is an invaluable experience as you learn how to work with a director and crew, on location, in a real professional working environment.

Isabel Burr and Nadine Walcott on set with our professional crew.
On set with our professional crew.
Mohammed Shaker and Elizabeth Webb on set with our professional crew.
Outside location shoot.
Tom Walters our cameraman
Cameraman behind the scenes


Special Sessions With Leading Casting Directors

Dan Hubbard, Casting Director – Bourne Trilogy, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Tomb Raider
Victoria Burrows, L.A. Casting Director – King Kong, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Lovely Bones, Castaway

We hold special Casting Director sessions during the programme. You will meet Dan Hubbard in London and a Hollywood Casting Director in LA


Our Venue

The Courtyard Theatre, London

Theatre Inside
Our Venue for the Ultimate Acting Programme. The 100 seat Courtyard Studio Theatre, London
Theatre Outside
The Courtyard Theatre Grade II listed building


Who You Will Work With

Throughout the year you will work with Brian and his specialist team. Over 90% of the coaches who apply to work with us fail our rigorous selection process, so you can be sure you’re getting the undivided attention of the best trainers in the industry.


Here’s What Film And West End Actors Are Saying About Brian Timoney

Liz Mente-Bishop – ‘The Exorcist Chronicles’ – Feature Film
Martha Grace – ‘King Of Soho’ – Feature Film
Robert Goodman– ‘Gangs of New York’
Freya Parker – Leading Role Six Characters in Search of an Author – West End 2008

More Feedback On The Ultimate Acting Programme

“The best year of my life. I couldn’t have asked for better teachers, training, guidance and knowledge. The course was very challenging, but it was worth it. Brian, Natalie and the team are truly amazing people! I have had agents chasing me after the showcase, not me chasing them. Thank you for everything that you have done for me, I will NEVER forget!”

Matt Rosser, Forest of Dean

“I have LOVED every second of this course! The improvements I have seen in my acting abilities and in myself as a person are immense. I have also met some of the best people I know on this course and now consider them family, which is invaluable for heading into the acting industry. I would recommend this course to anybody who has passion, commitment and a burning desire to do what they were born to do!”Lindsay Foster, Nottingham

“I had a great, great experience at Brian Timoney’s acting studio. At the showcase I met some really cool casting directors and agents, and one of them was willing to represent me. And I’ve got two other meetings next week, and I’m hoping for the best. That’s all thanks to Brian and Natalie.

Thank you very much. It was an amazing year.'”

Anis Abou-Jaoude, London


Here Recent Student Successes:

Lead Role, Exorcist Chronicles, Feature Film

Featured Role, The Last King Of Soho, Feature Film

Leading Role, Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, West End

Leading Role, Six Actors in Search of An Author, West End

Leading Role, Blood Brothers, West End

Guest Lead Role, Blue Murder, ITV

Guest Role, Unforgiven, ITV

Lead Role, Elmina’s Kitchen (Award Winning Play), West End

Featured Role, Green Street, Feature Film

Lead Guest Role, Casualty, BBC

Featured Role, The Big I Am, Feature Film

Featrured Role, Runaway, Sky 1

Featured Role, The King’s Speech, Feature Film

Featured Role, Cass, Feature Film

Why should I choose Brian Timoney Actors’ Studio rather

than a typical drama school?

Method Acting originally came from Russia in the early 1900’s which was then adopted by the Americans.

The difference between the American Method Acting approach and the conventional British Actor training is significant. A traditional UK Drama School will teach you how to use your voice, how to learn lines, stage business, set responses and imitating what you did before, but producing real emotional experiences and in-depth, gritty performances is not their forte. That’s what we do in The Method. We believe that the actor must produce real experiences and emotions on cue every time with no faking or forcing, as well as excellent voice and movement skills. This leads to very authentic and truthful performances.

At my Studio we focus solely on this approach. During the year, you will experience one of the most rigorous actor training programmes in the world that will be very challenging, but ultimately very rewarding, and will allow you to produce an exceptional level of performance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: One of the questions we’re asked most frequently is if this programme is suitable for complete beginners. There are beginners on the programme, as well as individuals with some experience. The power of strong Method Acting skills and good acting ‘business’ principles work for all.

The Ultimate Acting Programme is for You if:

  • You have a dedication and strong desire to succeed as a professional actor.
  • You have the right attitude to the work.
  • You are new to acting and want to gain professional actor training.
  • You are frustrated with your current situation and wish to dramatically change.
  • You want to improve your acting ability to an outstanding acting ability.

For Those New To Acting

This course is perfect for the serious beginner who wants to achieve a high standard. We will take you from scratch, and teach you all the acting skills you need to know and show you how to grow your acting career.

For Those With Some Experience

If your acting career is struggling or you’ve tried various acting approaches without the success you expected, or you’re frustrated at the lack of new acting work you’re generating, the one year with me will be highly rewarding and a true turning point for your acting career.

More Feedback on the Ultimate Acting Programme


I have just finished the year-long Ultimate Acting Programme with Brian Timoney – and it was a fantastic experience, mixed with highs and lows and of lots of hard work – but it was well, well worth it! I have just completed my Showcase there about a month ago and as a result of that I have had two meetings with two agents, and consequently I’ve been signed with an agent last week which I’m thrilled about! I think the Programme gave me a wonderful platform which to launch myself on as well as giving me invaluable tools which I need to use in the industry, as well as the business side which is of course very important as well.

And I suppose I feel very lucky to be in this industry because I actually trained and worked as a teacher for three years and I decided basically that that wasn’t what I wanted to do. I found it really claustrophobic; I wasn’t being creative – and I decided to move from Ireland, and moved to London, and started Brian’s course. And it is without doubt the best decision I ever made! And I am now embarking on the career that I have always dreamed of – so I consider myself very, very lucky.

Ciara Allen, Ealing, London

I have just completed the one-year Brian Timoney’s Acting Studio. It has been an amazing year – probably one of the best years of my life so far. I mean, to be honest with you, when I finished the course I didn’t realise how quick the results would be for me; I had four meetings set up with four different agencies. I have now been signed, within two weeks of actually finishing the course. I have actually got a part for a film that is being produced by Ridley Scott as well, which is amazing – I’m pretty excited about that! – and another audition being held for The History Boys. So I’m pretty excited about that as well.

Ricky Sharma, West London

I just recently graduated from the Brian Timoney Ultimate Acting Course which, first of all, was an incredible year – extremely challenging, hard work, intensive – but one of the most rewarding things I think that I have ever committed myself too. I am so glad that I saw it through to the end. We have had amazing teachers; I’ve met some fantastic people – which is also fantastic because you’ve got this huge support network as well. And I’ve absolutely loved it! Really there aren’t enough thanks in the world really that I can say to Brian – and all the teachers – for everything that they’ve done for me. I feel like… actually I feel like a different person now than I was when I started.

We had the Showcase not too long ago, at the end of the year – which was crazy, a crazy night. But I really felt like all of that work and all the kind of blood, sweat and tears that you’d put into the whole year just totally paid off, like more than I was expecting – and I was kind of expecting a lot I think! And as a result of that – I mean, we had loads of agents and casting directors show up to that – and then as a result of that I got five meetings off the back of that. And I’ve literally just the other day signed with my agent. So what more can you ask for? I really couldn’t be happier with it.Brian is definitely someone that I’d like to continue my training with in the future – and I’m really, really grateful.

Ray Brogan, Temple Fortune, London


Plus Additional Career Development Support

  • Exclusive Access to our hand-picked Headshot photographer – having great headshots is vital… because these are the very first thing a Casting Director and Agent look at when they’re deciding whether to see you or not. As part of the package you’ll get exclusive access to our professional headshot photographer.
  • Headshot Selection Assistance – we will assist you to pick the correct headshots to market yourself with.
  • Acting Showreel – having a great acting showreel is essential in marketing yourself to the industry. Once you have shot your showreel with our professional crew, we will provide you with a DVD copy and an online copy.
  • CV Creation Assistance – we will give you a CV template and give feedback and advice on how to structure your CV.
  • Brian Timoney’s Exclusive Method Acting Manual – this is my exclusive 105 page comprehensive, easy reference method acting manual which you will refer back to again and again during your career.
  • Business of Acting Manual – this is my comprehensive ‘Business of Acting’ manual where I have detailed all my approaches, tools and techniques on how to market yourself as an actor and get work.
  • 12 Part Marketing Yourself As An Actor DVD Course– during the year you will receive my ‘Marketing Yourself as an Actor’ DVD course which takes you from scratch to in-depth marketing tools and techniques.
  • 12 Part Method Acting DVD Course – during the year you will receive my in-depth method acting DVD course to compliment the training on the Ultimate Acting Programme.
  • Monthly CD Interviews With Industry Experts – each month I will send you an inclusive interview with a industry expert.

If You Have A 9 to 5 Job Read This…

If you have a full-time job it can be difficult to follow your heart and take the plunge into the acting profession. This programme is designed to allow you to continue to work whilst you study. Once we have launched your career at the end of the year, it will be easier for you to take the leap from your full-time job into acting.

The most common remark we hear from students during their auditions, is that they don’t want to look back on their life at the age of 65 and wish they had done it. The Ultimate Acting Programme is there to give you the chance to fulfil your lifelong ambition of becoming a creative and successful actor.


Martha Lambert – SECURED AN AGENT Marie Pym-Eaton – SECURED AN AGENT


Course Details, Application and Audition Process

Next intake October 2017

Next audition 15th January 2019

When: 13th – 15th October 2017 and thereafter, the first weekend (Fri-Sun) of each month

Where: The Courtyard Theatre, Bowling Green Walk, 40 Pitfield Street, London, N1 6EU

Course Fees:                  £14,095

Fees Breakdown:              £358 Audition Fee (fully refunded if unsuccessful)

                                       £6,549 Initial Payment (due one week after successful audition)

                                       £599 Each Month for 12 months (first payment due the month the course starts)

**Please note: travel, meals, insurance and accommodation for the L.A. Masterclass are not included in the fees.**

Application and Audition Process:

Stage 1

Please click the blue button below to complete an Application Form.

If short listed, you will be called for Stage 2.

Stage 2

Audition Piece – You will be required to perform one modern monologue (approx. 2-3 mins) from a play written within the last 100 years.  We will provide you with an audition piece once you apply OR you can choose your own.

You must learn your piece off by heart. There is also an interview with our Audition Panel.

The later you apply for the course, the less places are left, so it becomes even more competitive for a place. We always recommend applying as soon as you have decided to do the course.

**Please note there is a £258 audition fee. Payment is required by debit or credit card. If you are unsuccessful in gaining entry onto the course, your audition fee is refunded. If you are successful, it is offset against your fees. **

Once you have paid your audition fee, you have 7 days from the day after you booked to cancel your booking and receive a full refund. If the audition takes place within this 7 day period, the cancellation period ends when the audition starts. Please contact us in writing if you wish to cancel.


NEXT AUDITION DATE : 15th January 2019


The Ultimate Acting Programme includes:

  • Comprehensive, in-depth and challenging Method Acting training, voice training, physical acting training, TV & Film technique, audition technique, Theatre technique, on location showreel shoot, scene and monologue performance and much more. This training will effect a deep powerful change in your acting – taking it to a top level.
  • As well as working with Brian in the UK you will also meet with him in L.A for a one week L.A. Boot Camp.
  • A session with a leading Hollywood Casting Director
  • A session with a leading UK Casting Director
  • Coaching on the ‘business’ of acting.
  • Career Development support package
  • Free Membership of the VIP Inner Circle.
  • A Graduation Showcase, followed by a drinks reception, at the exclusive Industry Private Members’ Club, The Century Club, Soho, London – where Agents and Casting Directors will be invited to see your work.

This is the only course in the UK solely offering Lee Strasberg Method Acting training, a Method Acting Boot Camp in L.A. and a Graduation Showcase at The Century Club, Soho, London

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Siobhan at [email protected]

FAQ – Your Frequently Asked Questions

I am a complete beginner and I have never acted before – is this course suitable for me?

Yes. We will take you from complete beginner to a professional standard.

I have no formal qualifications – can I still apply for the course?

Yes. We judge your ability by an interview and an audition.

Why is this course different from other acting/ drama courses?

We are the only one year course that solely offers Lee Strasberg Method Acting training, a Method Acting Boot Camp in L.A. and an exclusive Graduation Showcase at The Century Club, London.

What age do I have to be?


How many students are on the course?

A maximum of 16.

Shouldn’t I be looking for a course that offers a BA in Acting?

A BA will not get you the part. Acting is very much a practical skill. Ask any Casting Director and they will tell you that an actor gets the part based on their audition – it’s as simple as that. That’s why we spend a significant amount of time developing your practical ability and complement this with business knowledge to ensure you can progress in the industry.

What kind of work will I be able to do after the course?

You will be able to work in TV, Film and Theatre.

What kind of fees can I expect as an actor?

Theatre West End Role—£500-£1000 per week

TV Guest Roles—£300-500 a day/ weekly rates £1000+

Regular TV Roles—£60,000+ per year

Film Roles—£500 a day/ weekly rates £1000+

Lead Film Roles £60,000—£Millions!

When does it start?

Friday 13th October 2017

How much is it?

£14,095. A initial amount of £6,549 is required to secure your place, followed by 12 monthly payments of £599.

How much am I expected to work outside of the course?

Lots. You will be working and playing hard.

Can I do anything to make my application stand out from the rest?

Yes – your attitude is key. We want to work with students who are dedicated, hard-working, pragmatic, focused and willing to throw themselves in. You have a much greater chance of industry success if you have the right attitude.

If you are in any way half-hearted about becoming an actor, this is not the course for you. We are only interested in working with students who are absolutely 100% dedicated to becoming actors of the highest calibre. The students who will benefit most from the course are not necessarily the ones who start off with the ‘best’ acting ability – but the ones with the right attitude.


“This teacher is brilliant. He offers a practical approach to acting using Method exercises as well as great advice on the industry and useful feedback on your work. It’s so refreshing to work with a teacher who is as good as he is. I found the class environment especially good; it’s supportive so you feel you can take risks in your work. What’s great about this course is that it really is suitable for any actor whether they’re a beginner or have been acting professionally for years. I recommend it!”

C. Lomas, Holloway, London

“The training provided at the Brian’s studio is an excellent tool no serious industry professional should let pass by. Not only does the course open your eyes to perhaps fresher ways to bring your talents alive, it also provides the basis for you to continually improve your skills with a series of exercises that can be performed at home, prior to an audition or wherever you fancy. If you’re willing to commit to the course and not hold back, the end rewards can only improve your acting skills.”

Mike Bates, Billericay, Essex

“The class that Brian teaches has opened my eyes to a whole new world of acting. One that I will keep for the rest of my career. It has inspired me in more ways than I realised. The fella knows his stuff! A+!!”

JC. Ortanna, West Sussex

“Real, truthful, intelligent training. This class really puts your acting skills to the test and makes you work hard. It was one of the most useful classes I have ever been to. Brian Timoney has a great ability to read and understand an actor’s needs.”

Sarah-Jane Sherwood, Kent

“Having never acted before, Brian’s course could not have been better. He knows the techniques inside out, he knows the industry back to front, he knows the work top to bottom. Also, he knows inspirational acting has the power to change people and most importantly, his motivation is to teach you all about it. Epic course, serve me up another portion.”

Robert Emmanuel, Whitechapel, London

”It was a truly great experience. I have learned so much about acting, as well as about myself.”

Emek Ozer, Turkey

“I found the introduction to method acting course with Brian both educational and enlightening and I would recommend to any actor serious about the profession. I even found it useful in my current occupation which is in sales. Brian is a great tutor and I am looking forward to continuing my journey at the studio.”

Hassan Eltom, London, SW7

“Brian’s courses and tuition are excellent. The classes bring you so much more than just acting with a structured methodology that allows you to be believable. It begins to open up you and allows you to explore yourself. It can allow you to gain control and then allow you to bring to life the characters you play I look forward to returing to the studio in the future and continuing my development. Thanks Brian.”

Michael Archer, London

“When I left Ireland over a year ago, and before doing Brian’s Induction to Method Acting Course, I had very little experience of Acting whatsoever and if you said to me a year ago that I would be taking a Method Acting Course with Brian Timoney, I would have said that you were mad in the head!!! But I would have been mad in the head if I didn’t do this course!!! Even before I booked the course I was for weeks thinking, would I, or wouldn’t I !!!? Trust Me JUST DO IT!!! I can honestly say that it was the best experience of my life and I feel for the first time in my life that I have found someone who understands me and what road to take in my life! Brian is not just a teacher. He is much, much more that that! He understands people, honest, listens and knows what is best for you and an inspiration to all! If you want to be the best in Acting then Brian Timoney Method Acting courses are the way forward and to achieving the highest standards and reaching your dreams! I have only happy memories of Brian’s Course and a lot of laughter with everyone I got to meet on the course and I look forward to taking with Brian Timoney in the future.”

John O’Neill, Ireland

“I have just completed Brian Timoney’s introduction to method acting course. Brian has a gift of making you feel at ease and able to experiment in a safe, non-intimidating environment. Each week I learnt something new which has equipped me with tools to use as an actor – be it a sensory or personal memory, studying an animal and then humanising its traits fora character, or a personalisation. I have always found monologues hard as I worry about forgetting lines but with his teaching, I have gained in confidence and the fear has greatly reduced as the techniques taught take the focus away from the lines so the words just come naturally. I have the deepest respect for Brian – he really knows his stuff and cares about each of his students.The main thing is to trust him completely and results definitely come.

I learnt more techniques in 6 evening classes than I did in a year at drama school.

Thanks Brian- you’re the best!!”

Carolyn Goodyear, Hammersmith

“I found the Advanced Method classes to be especially challenging, insightful and rewarding. With in depth focus on the different aspects of the technique and how to apply them to your work, Brian’s main priority is to get you producing a high standard of acting.I also really appreciated learning about the business, and now feel much less daunted about making a start in it. My own confidence, ability and understanding has broadened, and I watched the same happen with my classmates. Thanks for helping me relax! A really helpful 6 weeks. Highly recommended.

Lorraine Barr, Finchley

“I approached Brian about a year after completing a course in acting at at theatre school – although it was a great experience and I did enjoy it I wasn’t getting any work, and I still felt like I was no closer to being able to create a believable, honest character. Acting would feel uncomfortable and sometimes incredibly forced and false – something I had to address as my confidence was plummeting. I came across Brian’s classes online and enrolled. Right from the briefing at the beginning of the class, I identified with what Brian was saying and knew this was the place that was going to help me. From relaxation techniques to sense memory exercises, as well as working on scene work and monologues – I learnt so so much and slowly I am beginning to be able to relax and to tap into emotions (without forcing them!!) and bring them into my work. I have since completed a second course with Brian that helped me to create strong monologues ready for auditions – I am feeling so much more confident and I’m enjoying acting again – the techniques he teaches as well as the advice he gives each student will help actors at any stage in their career. I will continue to use the relaxation and sense memory techniques and I am looking forward to working with Brian again. I highly recommend his classes to anyone who is serious about acting – for me and I know so many others, it is the best investment for your career.”

Alex Dimmer, Camden, London

“The Advanced Classes gave me back my faith in my work and gave me a new set of ideas to work with that have helped me improve the way that I approach the text. Brian is a fair and honest teacher who was extremely helpful and supportive in the lessons. He taught us all to not be afraid any more, which is one of the biggest problems with all actors.

You’re an amazing teacher and I was really lucky to work with you.

Thank you.”

Rita Walters, Middlesex


“I learned more in this week than the years I spent at Drama School.”

Carolyn Goodyear, Hammersmith, London

“What did I like about the course? What didn’t I like about the course? It was fantastic!”

Hugh McLaughlin, Northern Ireland

“This was the best week of my life”

Anne Stafford, Elephant and Castle, London


“Real, truthful, intelligent training. This class really puts your acting skills to the test and makes you work hard. It was one of the most useful classes I have ever been to. Brian Timoney has a great ability to read and understand an actor’s needs.”

Sarah-Jane Sherwood, Kent

“This teacher is brilliant. He offers a practical approach to acting using Method exercises as well as great advice on the industry and useful feedback on your work. It’s so refreshing to work with a teacher who is as good as he is. I found the class environment especially good; it’s supportive so you feel you can take risks in your work. What’s great about this course is that it really is suitable for any actor whether they’re a beginner or have been acting professionally for years. I recommend it!”

C. Lomas, Holloway, London

“The training provided at the ‘Method Centre’ is an excellent tool no serious industry professional should let pass by. Not only does the course open your eyes to perhaps fresher ways to bring your talents alive, it also provides the basis for you to continually improve your skills with a series of exercises that can be performed at home, prior to an audition or wherever you fancy. If you’re willing to commit to the course and not hold back, the end rewards can only improve your acting skills.”

Mike Bates, Billericay, Essex

This class was truly perfect for a first acting experience. Brian creates a safe environment where beginners and professional actors alike attempt new approaches using the tools of the method. I was surprised to see how quickly what you learn in class is applicable and gives results that are beyond expectations. Brian also has the ability to pinpoint exactly where an actor may not be correctly focused and give him/her the tool necessary for an immediate result. I highly recommend this course, so much so that I have already signed up to the next workshop!’”

Mathilde Merlot, Paris

”I have worked as a professional actor now for a number of years and have been around the block a few times. I approached Brian Timoney for help. I felt that my zest for acting had started to diminish, and that frankly I had become ‘rusty’. Under Brian’s direction not only have I fallen head over heels in love with acting again, but I have been given a much needed ‘Booster injection’ in terms of my understanding, and approach to my work. The Method is now a practice that I intend to continue with, and with Brian’s help, pay closer attention to. I would recommend Brian’s classes to anyone wanting to understand what makes acting real, believable, and worthwhile.”

Robert Goodman, Maida Vale, London

Dear Brian, Thank you so much for a wonderful month.

I enjoyed this course immensely, and I have got so much out of it.

You are an honest, caring, passionate teacher and I’m very grateful.

Lots of love xx

Annabel Andrews, West Sussex

‘’You are pretty damn good at what you teach, and that is one thing that I think is quite rare today. In all honesty an excellent class, with a sound set of people and a great teacher.’’

Jamie Livingstone, Newcastle

‘’I would just like to thank you for your time, commitment and professionalism throughout the course. It was tough for me at times, but I got a tremendous amount from it, and enjoyed it. So, this is just a short email to express my appreciation for your dedication to the art, it certainly comes across in your teaching.’’

Andrew Hutton, Old Street, London

”This course really allowed me to open up. I completely enjoyed all the lessons. I felt really free on stage and totally lost any self-consciousness I had. So, if you want to join this course, don’t think about it… it’s fantastic!”

Sandra Delgado, Barcelona

“Initially, I was unsure of what the ‘Method’ entailed. The processes involved caused my awareness of myself to gradually open like a flower responding to sunlight. The Method allows you to acknowledge your own truth and when the alchemy of truth and creativity merge something magical is created inside the actor and for those watching. The experience of acting using Method tools has left me wanting to learn and experience more of the same.”

Emma Collins, Enfield, Middlesex

”It was a truly great experience. I have learned so much about acting, as well as about myself”

Emek Ozer, Turkey

Hi Brian, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for a great month. I really enjoyed it and felt that I have progressed since my first month with you in May. Thanks for creating a safe environment for me to develop as an actor. Thanks again for your time, observation, knowledge, skill, and encouragement.

Kathryn O’Neil, West Hampstead, London

“Brian’s one month Intensive is an amazing experience that really gets you in tune with yourself as an actor, by presenting it as the art form that it is. It taught me about the raw honest truth of performance and the discipline and will needed to convey it.”

Rafiq Richards, Forest Hill, London

”I have found the intensive course at the studio an excellent opportunity to develop my depth as an actor. It has helped identify some of my weaknesses and provided valuable tools to overcome them or in some cases turn them into strengths. I have also found it a safe and encouraging environment to express myself in, and hence progress in. On top of this, I have had the privilege of working with an honest teacher in Brian Timoney, who has nurtured and taught me many tools that work for me.”

Raphael Sowole, Deptford, London

”A very interesting class structure that gives you the opportunity to work as hard as you want. It has opened up the proverbial window of fresh air for me, and with every breath, I can feel that there’s more and more to be explored and developed within me, thanks to this class.”

Nuria Jana, Spain

“I have been a member for approximately six months. Throughout the six months, Brian Timoney’s classes challenged everything that I previously understood about acting and it has taken my acting to a whole new level. Brian is committed to the work of his students and offers constructive criticism, so that the work of his students is more honest and grounded. We are taught various exercises that allow us to tap into a deeper truth within ourselves and breathe life into the characters we play. I cannot imagine any other way for a gradual but effective way to get a beginner started on a road to success. I highly recommend Brian’s classes to those who are looking for skills that will set them apart from all other actors and are serious about acting as a career.”

Katrina Kang, Marylebone, London

“With any good drama class you need a teacher that is honest and focused to get the best acting out of you. This is the first time in a long time I have really acted in this sort of environment. The classes are small so you get a lot of individual attention as well as valuable group work. I would recommend this to anyone with a passion for acting and wanting to find a little bit more about themselves, but be prepared to step over some boundaries!”

Mateusz Lilpop, Hoxton, London

“The studio has given me exactly what I need in an acting course. There is a great atmosphere in the classes and more importantly I feel safe to experiment and in turn this allows me to be more creative and imaginative in my acting. I feel that because Brian is a working actor himself, he is sensitive and up to date to the students needs. Brian is helping me to overcome my personal obstacles as an actor and I am enjoying my continued progression within the class.”

Elke Ryan, Sydney, Australia

“I find this class essential fora clear understanding of how to access this technique called “Method acting”. It has also allowed me to initiate a much deeper connection with myself as well as with the characters I play.”

Luca Zizzari, Italy

“Brian’s teaching of ‘the Method’ has made me realise that my acting needs to be 100% believable and I’ve benefited from his coaching and honest feedback to my work. He has created a professional learning environment and with a limited number of students to each class we all get our own time and space to perform.

Leon Coleman, Herfordshire

Using ‘the method’ has transformed my approach to acting and the standard of my work. I feel free in myself, and really alive when working. The Method has also shown me how to stimulate a high level of belief in what I am doing on stage.”

Roberta Howett, Dublin