Private Student


Dear Actor and Aspring Actor,

“How can I act better?”
“How can I audition better?”
“How can I navigate the business of acting?”

These are all questions I get asked on a frequent basis. The answer to these and many other acting issues are often unique to each person.

Being one of my Private Students means having one to one coaching sessions with me personally.

The sessions will be personally designed for you. No matter where you are on your acting journey, beginner or pro, I will work closely with you to improve your ability and overcome any blocks in your way.

This Is What Past Private Students Had To Say…

“The private lessons I had with Brian have been an amazing experience. I have learnt  and progressed more in 8 weeks than I have ever had in any other acting program or workshop in four years. My performing arts teacher I currently have in college has seen a great improvement in my acting and I feel a lot more comfortable when performing. I can’t wait until I start Brian’s boot camp and I am hoping to apply for the Ultimate acting program next year.” Théa Addison


“Having had a taste of Method Acting at the 3 day introductory Bootcamp, and enjoying the experience so much, I knew that this a journey I would like to continue. I have since taken some private lessons with Brian and so far so good! I find him to be very thorough and experienced, so regardless of what level you’re at, there’s always a gold nugget to discover in each lesson. There’s no room for overacting or fakery with Brian. I also like his organic approach and  I genuinely find myself looking forward to the next lesson. I have every confidence that Brian can help me achieve my acting goals.” Ade Abudu

How It Works

We will meet once every two weeks, over a 8 week period, for a one hour, face to face or via Skype coaching session.

During the first session we will discuss your current situation and what you are looking to achieve over the 8 weeks.

Areas that we can work on can include basic and advanced acting technique, audition technique, method acting, TV and Film technique, Business of Acting and much more.

Like I say, during the first session we will evaluate what areas need to be worked on. I will also set you tasks and work to be done at home in between sessions.

The Details

There is an application process to join. I am looking to work with positive, hard working individuals who are passionate about acting.

Fee: £997 this is for four one to one sessions over eight weeks. At the end of the eight weeks you will have the option to renew if you wish.

Please not there is a £100 application fee which goes towards your full fee if accepted and refunded if not accepted.

Venue:  A Central London location to be confirmed or via Skype.

Dates: To be mutually agreed.