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About the Play:

It is Midsummer Eve on a country estate in the 19th Century. While the Count is away visiting relatives his daughter, Miss Julie, has elected to stay behind, inviting herself to the servant’s festive barn dance. Fixing her gaze on Jean, the Count’s Chief Valet, she follows him into the estate’s kitchen where Kristin, the Count’s cook and Jean’s fiancé, is concluding a long day’s work. A playful power struggle between servant and master ensues as the ambitious valet reciprocates Miss Julie’s attentions.

Left alone together, Jean and Julie drink and talk sharing memories, dreams and secrets as their desire for each other quickly escalates. Passions are ignited and their relationship swiftly consummated, but their mutual attraction does not go unnoticed. The life-and-death consequences of their actions become all too real in the cold light of the next day, as they desperately try to control the situation. Ecstatic devotion and lustful impulse turn to dread, disgust and paranoia as the fated lovers turn on each other in a bitter struggle for survival.

Fantastic Realism

In creating the production we have focsued on a particular way of working inspired by Yevgeny Vakhtangov’s Fantastic Realism and Nikolai Demidov’s organic acting approach. Both were contempories of Stanislavski in the early 1900s but created their own approaches. Vakhtangov’s work in particular influenced the work of Lee Strasberg creator of The Method.

“If you examine the work of the Stanislavski System as made use of by Stanislavski, you see one result. If you examine it in the work of one of his great pupils, Vakhtangov — who influenced our thinking and activity — you will see a completely different result. Vakhtangov’s work was skillfully done, his use of the Method even more brilliant and more imaginative than Stanislavski’s, and yet Vakhtangov achieved totally different results.” Lee Strasberg

In this production you will see the actors switch between being ultra real, grotesque and extreme whilst all the time working organically in the moment.

This is a very rare opportunity to see this kind of work.

Cast and Creatives:

Direction: Brian Timoney
Movement direction: Kieran Sheehan
Cast: Nick Cameron and Victoria Wiseman
Lighting: Gregory Jordan

Dates, Time and Venue:

Dates: TBC
Venue: TBC
Time: TBC
Tickets: TBC

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What They Are Saying About Miss Julie….

“Holy F***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brian Timoney’s production of Miss Julie, where do I start… it was visceral, unpredictable, off-the-wall, crazy, GROTESQUE (oh the grotesque!!!!) fluid, beyond evocative!!!!! A mammoth of a play superbly delivered.” Charlotte Campbell

“It was superb! Truly fantastic direction from Brian Timoney! Sterling performances all round. Five stars from me! Bravo!” Stevie-Rose Blake

“We’ll Miss Julie the play was absolutely amazing tonight. This play had me gripped from start to finish. Brilliant acting brilliant directing.” Angela walters

“What a show!! But it wasn’t a ‘show’ it was organic fantastic realism. This piece of amazing art, Strindberg’s Miss Julie directed by Brian Timoney goes beyond any expectation any audience member might have. You were taken into their world riding on their journey with every emotional trip thrown at you.” Rachell Steggall

“Absolutely stunning performance of Miss Julie! cannot fault it!!” Suzanne Celensu

“This is why I go to the theatre – this is what it’s all about. I want to be moved and gripped and boy does this deliver . The pain, the anger, the warmth, the grotesque, the humour, the energy , I didn’t dare look away-this is a rollercoaster performance by all the amazing actors. Superb direction from Brian Timoney and beautiful movement direction from Kieran Sheehan. Lighting and music also fabulous.This stirs every emotion and moved me to tears.” Moya Allen

“Captivating…mesmerizing…challenging…brilliant.” Steve Laskey

Stunning simply stunning…..Encore!!! Victor Ptak