Brian Timoney’s

Method Acting Manual

And Exclusive Insider Interviews With

Top Industry Professionals


Dear Aspiring Actor,

This package is a very powerful combination that will improve your acting and business know how. The manual gives you what you need to know about method acting and the interviews give you vital information on the business of acting for leading industry insiders.

‘Brian Timoney’s ‘Method Acting Manual’

Here is what is included in the manual.

This exclusive manual has the following crammed into its 109 A4 pages:

  • A success indicator track to allow you to measure and detail your practice activities and the impact on your ability on a week to week basis.
  • Exercises on how to produce emotion on cue.
  • The progression of sense/emotional memory exercises to build sensitivity and concentration.
  • The 7 areas of investigation to apply to your scene work.
  • Connection exercises to allow you to build a strong connection with your scene partners.
  • 45 in-depth questions to answer to help build your characters history.
  • The 7 year rule.
  • How to build intricate and in-depth characters.
  • My own personal concepts and observations on acting.
  • The secret to creating exceptional talent…it’s learnable
  • Film and TV angles you need to know
  • Stage craft technique, including the 9 points of a stage and angles
  • Recommended reading list
  • Recommended plays and monologues
  • Recommended films with method actors
  • The 3 As that get mistaken for talent but take no talent to do.
  • Voice and movement skills you need to know.
  • Knowing how your habits affect your acting.
  • Understanding why taking direction is crucial.
  • How to overcome nerves using the Method relaxation technique
  • The ‘where am I right now?’ technique
  • The 6 parts of a play

…and much more

The content of this manual is the distillation of my 20+ years of experience in the industry. It will become your ‘Method acting Bible’.

‘I can honestly say that I have found that reading and working from your Method Acting Manual has given me insights into acting and brief moments of connection that I have never experienced before. I can totally see the incredible power and value of Method Acting and I really hope I get the chance to train with you sometime in the future.’ W Siegfried Jerrett


Exclusive Insider CD Interviews With Leading Industry Professionals


There are four eye-opening CD Interviews with Leading ‘Industry Professionals’ including a top Casting Director, Agent, Director and Actor Marketing Expert.

Interviews included are:

Dan Hubbard – A UK Leading Casting Director

Dan has cast many feature films including ‘The Bourne Supremacy’, ‘Tomb Raider’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’. In this interview he tells you about how to audition correctly and what he expects from actors during the casting process.

Nick Forgacs – An Agent at Independent Talent Agency

Nick Forgacs,is  an Agent with Independent Talent Group (formerly ICM). Independent Talent Group is one of the biggest actors’ agencies in Europe. They represent Daniel Craig, Orlando Bloom, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Caine, Rachel Weisz, Anthony Hopkins, Julie Walters, David Tennant and many more. Nick will tell you what an agent is looking for from actors, how to approach an agent and much more.

Andrew Reilly – A Leading Author And Expert On How To Market Yourself As An Actor

Andrew Reilly, author of ‘An Actor’s Business: How to Market Yourself as an Actor No Matter Where You Live’ gives great insights into the process and thinking required to market yourself to Casting Directors and Agents. Andrew explains why it’s necessary to view yourself as a ‘product’ and think of inventive ways to market that product.

Paul Tickell – A UK Film Director

Paul has worked as a director in film and television for many years, and gives his insights into what he is looking to get from actors and how he works with them to get the best results.

“I liked the live interviews on the disks, it was good to hear the professionals talking about their experience and knowledge of the industry.”

 Indira Ametovich, Derby



The price for the 109 A4 page Method Acting Manual and four CD interviews with transcripts with leading industry professionals is usually £97.00, but for a limited period it will be available for £47.00.

My Personal 90 Day Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you are not completely delighted with the manual and interviews, just send them back within 90 days and I will give you a full refund. No quibbles or hard feelings.

Here’s what others are saying about Brian Timoney:

“This teacher is brilliant. He offers a practical approach to acting using Method exercises as well as great advice on the industry and useful feedback on your work. It’s so refreshing to work with a teacher who is as good as he is. I found the class environment especially good; it’s supportive so you feel you can take risks in your work. What’s great about this course is that it really is suitable for any actor whether they’re a beginner or have been acting professionally for years. I recommend it!”

C. Lomas, Holloway, London

“Having never acted before, Brian’s course could not have been better. He knows the techniques inside out, he knows the industry back to front, he knows the work top to bottom. Also, he knows inspirational acting has the power to change people and most importantly, his motivation is to teach you all about it. Epic course, serve me up another portion.”

Robert Emmanuel, Whitechapel, London

The class that Brian teaches has opened my eyes to a whole new world of acting. One that I will keep for the rest of my career. It has inspired me in more ways than I realised. The fella knows his stuff! A+!!”

JC. Ortanna, West Sussex

“Real, truthful, intelligent training. This class really puts your acting skills to the test and makes you work hard. It was one of the most useful classes I have ever been to. Brian Timoney has a great ability to read and understand an actor’s needs.”

Sarah-Jane Sherwood, Kent

“The training provided at the Studio is an excellent tool no serious industry professional should let pass by. Not only does the course open your eyes to perhaps fresher ways to bring your talents alive, it also provides the basis for you to continually improve your skills with a series of exercises that can be performed at home, prior to an audition or wherever you fancy. If you’re willing to commit to the course and not hold back, the end rewards can only improve your acting skills.”

Mike Bates, Billericay, Essex

“This class was truly perfect for a first acting experience. Brian creates a safe environment where beginners and professional actors alike attempt new approaches using the tools of The Method. I was surprised to see how quickly what you learn in class is applicable and gives results that are beyond expectations. Brian also has the ability to pinpoint exactly where an actor may not be correctly focused and give him/her the tool necessary for an immediate result. I highly recommend this course, so much so that I have already signed up to the next workshop!’”

Mathilde Merlot, Paris