How Hundreds Of Men And Women Are Learning To Act Like Pro Actors From Home

Live, Interactive Online Acting Classes With World Famous Acting Coach - Brian Timoney

Dear Friend,

I will show you how to produce deeper emotion, express yourself with more authenticity, create more complex characters and heighten the dramatic content of any scene you are in.

You can do this without leaving the comfort of your own home, and it doesn’t matter what your age you are, what your background is or what your experience level is.

As long as you are hungry and eager to learn, then I can teach you.

My name is Brian Timoney, and I run a world-leading acting studio in London. I started my studio in 2006 and have trained hundreds of aspiring actors and launched their careers into the acting industry.

Brian Timoney with Method Actor Al Pacino

During the official government lockdown, I decided to create a unique, online and interactive acting course to help aspiring actors that were slowly going nuts sat indoors.

It was a massive success with hundreds of men and women completing the course. So, I decided to keep it going.

My speciality is teaching people how to act unconsciously, which allows you to get lost in the world of the character, so you can emotionally and physically express yourself without thinking about how to do it.

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Here Is What Inmates Of The Lockdown Acting Intensive Had To Say…

Lockdown Acting Intensive was one of the best courses I’ve ever done.”

Nathan Parkin

Amazing course with practical exercises that I haven’t done before… highly recommended”

Alberto Santangelo

I thoroughly enjoyed Brian’s intensive lockdown course. It was engaging, insightful and opened my eyes. I feel a lot more connected. Oh and it’s ridiculously good value!”

Charlotte Coleman

Graduating from Brian’s Ultimate Acting Programme Julian Schaffner secured a major role in a Hollywood movie, Singularity, opposite John Cusack.

This is what he said about the programme:

 What I love about this course is that you get the chance to develop your craft with great teachers, as well as the business aspect. After this year I can say not only have I made a big step in my art, but I’m also represented by an agency now and ready for work! 

Julian Schaffner