If A Grand Piano Needs Tuning Twice A Year
Then So Do You!


Dear Actor,

If you are ready to shake off the cobwebs accumulated over the last twelve months of lockdown and get back into ‘acting shape’, then this five-day intensive could be for you.

Here’s the story:

I was talking with a friend of mine who is a professional pianist.

We discussed the lockdown and how it’s been difficult for artists to keep the motor running during this long hiatus.

“It’s been hard,” he said, “but at least I’ve been able to play the piano every day.”

“You’re lucky; actors don’t have the luxury of playing an external instrument. They are the instrument, and if they don’t use it, it starts to go rusty.”

“I have a company that visits twice a year to tune up the piano. If you don’t do that, it goes out of tune and becomes unusable.”

This got me thinking.

If a Grand Piano needs tuning twice a year, then so do you. You are the instrument, and it needs the same kind of care and attention that an expensive musical instrument needs; otherwise, it will become unusable.

So, that is why I am holding this special Étude Xpress Pro.

The étude process is a complete workout for the actor. It’s designed to enhance your perception, imagination, impulse taking and character creation abilities.

This will be the main focus for the five days, but we will also visit plastiques, the character creation box and psychological gesture.

There will be a maximum of 10 actors on this course, and all of them will be former Ultimate Acting Programme Students.

Here are the details:

Fee: £1,100

Date: Monday 17th – Friday 21st May

Deadline to apply: Sunday 9th May midnight.

If you are interested, then please contact Natalie – [email protected]