Episode 52: Method Acting Myths

Episode 52: Method Acting Myths

Debunking the myths: A look at what Method Acting is really all about

Brian and Joe discuss their take on some of the myths surrounding Method Acting, with a look at the idea of actors going to extremes for roles – with examples from some of today’s acting greats – and why The Method goes much deeper than gaining weight and pulling teeth!

10 things you will learn about:

• Method Acting – Is it really all about gaining weight & pulling teeth?

• What do Method Acting and baking a cake have in common?

• Expanding on art – The creative side of acting

• How the acting greats do it: De Niro, Day-Lewis, Streep, Jolie

• The process: Getting it right – Step by step

• The Method: 30 years’ experience condensed into a year

• Why it’s not all fun: The hard graft and boring stuff

• How Lee Strasburg got it just right

• The Method and depth of characterisation

• Is anyone a born actor? Learning to be a natural

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