Episode 51: Key Considerations of Acting Training

Episode 51: Key Considerations of Acting Training

Getting it Right: Advice and Insights to Make Sure your Acting Training’s Aligned with Today’s Industry

Brian and Joe delve into some key considerations for acting training, with tips and guidance based on their own personal experiences – from making sure you’re screen-ready, to marketing yourself by getting tech-savvy, through to successfully managing the business side of your career.

8 things you will learn about:

• Relevant acting: Avoiding training that’s stuck in the past

• The importance of the right techniques: TV, Film & Video

• Why theatrical training will leave you at the starting blocks

• Lessons from the Greats: Day-Lewis & Pacino

• How The Method guarantees you’re screen-ready

• Modern-day marketing tools: Facebook, Twitter & Snapchat

• How to successfully navigate the business side of acting

• Access to the people at the top: Why it’s vital and how to do it

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