Episode 48: How and When to Use Improvisation

Episode 48: How and When to Use Improvisation

Improvisation: Insights and Advice on getting it right

Brian and Joe discuss their take on improvisation, with tips and guidance on when and how to improvise and the boundaries you need to respect – from the playwright’s input, to the audition room, through to the final performance – and how getting it wrong can really mess up the plot.

10 things you will learn about:

• What is improvisation – And when to use it

• The boundaries: When not to improvise

• How the acting greats get it right: Robert De Niro, Sean Penn

• ‘Should I/Shouldn’t I?’ – Finding the balance

• The improvisation process – The playwright’s perspective

• Losing the plot: When improvisation can mess it all up

• The art of making it look improvised

• Different forms of improvisation: Behaviour, emotion, speaking out

• The importance of trusting your instrument

• Improvisation at auditions – How to clinch that role

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