Episode 44: How to Rehearse like a Pro

Episode 44: How to Rehearse like a Pro

In this episode, Brian and Joe sit down to chat about honing your rehearsal skills, with tips and guidance based on their own personal experiences – from the first read of a new script, to the read-through with the cast, through to the rehearsals – to make sure you rehearse like a pro.

11 things you will learn about:

• The script: What to look for when you first read it through

• Understanding your character’s journey

• Get scribbling: The importance of making notes on the script

• Gut reaction – Why that first script read is so important

• Lessons from the Greats: How De Niro and Hopkins do it

• The read-through – Why you shouldn’t over-prepare

• Permission to develop: Taking your hands off the flight controls

• Explore, Investigate, Create: Bringing a little flavour

• The impact of the “hidden culture” in a cast

• The rehearsal: Adding subtlety and colour – Layers

• The next level: Method Acting and sensorial improvisation

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