Episode 42: 5 things never to do in an audition

Episode 42: 5 things never to do in an audition

Looking at what to do – and more importantly what not to do – at an audition, with tips and guidance based on Brian’s and Joe’s own personal experiences: from arriving relaxed at the venue, to making a great impression and producing your best work, through to exiting the room with flair.

10 things you will learn about:

• The unwritten rule: The importance of timekeeping

• The real cost of being late – Every director’s bugbear

• The hidden message: What turning up late says about you

• How to arrive relaxed and ready to produce your best

• The first test of any audition – and how to make sure you pass it

• The importance of taking direction: Why you should just do it!

• When it’s okay to resist: Creative conversation

• Why you must never ask, ‘Can I do it again?’

• Letting your acting do the work: Living and engaging in the room

• ‘Thank you & Goodbye’ – Making a clean, slick exit

One Response to “Episode 42: 5 things never to do in an audition”

  1. Ajay

    Time keeping -I agree, turning up on time not just for auditions but all aspects of projects. By turning up early you have the chance to compose yourself and get into character. It’s also rude to be late, and like Brain and Joe have said it costs.
    Direction – As and actor you are there to deliver what the director wants… not what you want.
    Arguing with the director – again.. you are there to get the director what they want.
    Exit – Thank the director/s and remember to be given an audition is an opportunity.
    Good advice guys


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